Wear24 42mm Android Wear 2.0 4G LTE Smartwatch

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Wear24 42mm Android Wear 2.0 4G LTE Smartwatch
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Still using my OG Huawei Watch, so I’m looking at this, just thought I’d point out that Verizon discontinued this watch in September (after 4 months), although at least they’r offering a warranty (not that they have much choice).

I assume this only works with a Verizon contract.

The Wear24 is an excellent smartwatch with really good battery life (my family has 3 of them), especially if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer.

Yes, it can be used with/connected to just about any Android Wear compatible smartphone, but the messaging app that it’s locked into is exclusively from Verizon.

Also know that it works perfectly as a BlueTooth smartwatch, meaning that there’s no need/obligation to pay the monthly LTE subscription fee… unless you want to.

I was mildly interested until I saw the battery life. We seem to be going backwards with watches; we now have cars that can run off batteries but a watch can only run 18 hours. Not even a full day? Yikes, no thanks.



Although, that review was back when it was full price at Verizon (over $300). At the busted-down price of $75, maybe it’s a good way to try out smartwatches for a first-timer.

It is really a very good idea to have a smart watch like. I wonder these watches are not making as much progress as our mobile phones. I mean will this product replace smart phone in the future?

Why purchase these types of electronic gadgets now? As junk like this saturates the market, the price on this very same watch will be less than $20 next year.

Man am I glad I did a little research before clicking on the “buy” button. Even though it’s Android Watch 2.0 AND has an NFC chip, it doesn’t support Android Pay. WTF? No thanks.

My wife AND my 11yo have BOTH expressed interest in smartwatches this Christmas. My son has a ‘smarter’ watch, that he doesn’t wear. (he can send/receive calls from 3 preset phone #'s and text unlimited AND has GPS tracking) So im not REALLY interested in spending a ton of $. last year I bought a pair of $20 “smart watches” got sim cards and SD cards. unfortunately one of the watches was destroyed inserting said cards, the other worked well enough. No one REALLY went gaga over them, so they are in a drawer. THIS year I bought the wife a NEW cell/watch and a low end sim , and everything seems to be working well.Only REAL drawback in the “camera” (pet peeve of mine anyway) which is much worse than average and aimed at a BIZARRE angle. I paid $20 w/ shipping. Its a much sturdier watch, plays well with others, and seems to be what the wife is looking for. If she wears it Ill buy one for the boy. If not he will get hers. I was a VZW customer for YEARS. Matter of fact they were the ONLY service that worked after the hurricanes, but w/ a contract at over $400/mo it was in no way worth it. This sim card has a $10 plan. we’ll see how it goes! Idea being, it will do everything the watch in this ad will do, just look closely

Actually, 18 hours is good for a smart watch (from what I read)
Watch features were not worth the original asking price - 4X the current price with a 2 year contract!
For $75, it’s pretty good!

42mm is a BIG watch.

So not suitable for a 75 lb. 13 year old who hasn’t hit his growth yet?

From this review it seems like this has a great display, average (i.e. a little over a day) battery life, and a non-removable band because the LTE is built into it. If you like verizon and want to have an LTE smartwatch for some reason, this is probably a great buy at this price.

Personally, I hate verizon with a passion and I think smartwatches will never succeed without ~1 week battery life, so I mourn Pebble’s loss every day. The Vector watch is my current daily driver because while it’s defunct, it has insanely good battery life and I like the pebble-style button interface.

The smallest watch in my current collection is 46mm. Most are 54mm and I have 2 that are 63mm. 42mm is small by current watch fashion standards for men.

Does it heart rate?


The display is beautiful. No heart rate, no sleep tracking, and mine has GPS issues which mean that it has activity tracking issues.
It didn’t do much when it arrived Sunday and has done more the longer it’s been here. I don’t think it’s right for me, but it might be for you.

I didn’t see anything about a camera, does it have one? I don’t want a camera, where I work I can’t carry one. TIA