WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Inverter Generator

It works great. I got one a year ago and haven’t lost power all year

First time I have seen a price on a woot item actually go up since the previous time it was sold. Hey, Woot, can we get this at the previous price?

What do people use 2000 watt generators for? Seems great for camping–running some lights, chargers, and a radio. For a home emergency, though, 2000 watts might not even run your sump pump, let alone a fridge/freezer (at least, according to run charts I’ve seen)

Can’t price match on this one. Been far too long since we last sold this. Sorry!

This is not a model for use to power most of the things in your home. It’s an inverter/generator so it produces cleaner electricity than normal generators that will have voltage spikes when items are added or the rpms change etc. This one smooths those spikes so it is safer to use in delicate electronics. In addition it’s something you can easily take for camping/tailgating or for a construction project where you aren’t close to electricity since it’s light enough to carry in one hand. I don’t know about this specific model but most of these 2000 watt inverter generators are quiet enough that you can hold conversations around them and not have to raise your voice.

I bought a 2000 watt Yamaha generator due to its size and how quiet it is. I have a small RV and it fits perfect in a very small space. It can run a small refrigerator, microwave or even my AC (but it is a very small AC). It can only run one of those at time though.

Even though many of these say they are 2000 watts, they are really 1600 watt generators. The 2000 watt is the surge power.

Made in ???


This chart says 500 - 750 for a fridge, BUT - note the * referring to the notes at the top of the chart:


I have two of the older yellow versions of this generator. The only difference, besides the $20 increase in price, appears to be an access panel on the side to add oil.

They have worked really well over the past year and always started within 2-3 pulls, even after sitting unused for 2-3 months.

This kit will allow you to link two generators in parallel to run most RV AC units.

I have the Honda equivalent of this, an EU2000i.

Last time we lost power the Honda powered the following items for ~27 hours using a total of less than 2 gallons of gas:

  • Oil fired boiler and hot water. Intermittent load, but a big draw when the burner starts up.
  • Refrigerator Freezer
  • LCD television & DVD player
  • Several LED lightbulbs
  • Laptop computer
  • Charged two cellphones
    My Microwave or electric frying pan, though I unplugged everything else when I powered either of these with the generator.

If you have a boiler and hydronic heat the power requirement is much smaller than trying to run a furnace and its typical big circulation fan.

We were dry camping for the eclipse this past week in Wyoming and had borrowed 2 Honda 2000W units similar to these. The trailer we were staying in just plugged into the 30amp port with the two of them running in parrallel and we could run the AC (a decent sized unit), the built in fridge/freezer in the trailer, and some small appliances. When temps cooled we’d shut off the AC and drop to just one generator. For the 3 days we were dry camping, we only used a little over 7 gallons of gas. We were going to look at buying two for ourselves, but I’m willing to try out these Wen’s now, so will be in for 2 (and then pick up the parallel connection kit) as this is a great deal (especially compared to the price of the Honda ones we were using). I also like the the 30amp connction is on the parallel kit and not on one of the 2 units (the Honda has the 30amp on one of the two, so you use that one unit all the time and can’t alternate them in the setup we had).

I bought 2 of these and the parallel kit to get 3600W. It plugs into my house through a transfer switch and provides backup power. No issues so far.

Well played woot. Going to gouge all the folks on the gulf coast of Texas?

Hey woot! Can you drop one off on the NW side of Houston some time tomorrow??

Like the truth in advertising. Shows what looks like a iPhone plugged in and charging. So, that’s about right, spend 800 bucks on a phone that looks like the one from 4 years ago and you still need a portable generator to keep it charged. Love it.

Your oil boiler isn’t 220v? Never thought of powering my Buderus.

Residential burner and boiler controls are both 120V, at least in North America.

Thanks, now I’ll look into putting in an interlock so my Wen inverter gen that I got here a year ago, can power the boiler. I have to go down into the basement to look at my electrical panel. Always assumed it used two slots.