WEN Pole Saw - Your Choice

WEN Pole Saw - Your Choice

I bought one of these in an earlier Woot. It was great while it lasted - it just didn’t last. Maybe I was unlucky or maybe there is a reason these are on sale. You place your bets and you take your chances./

Bought the cordless with extension- worked well-2 uses saved me more $$ from tree service than cost of saw… need to make sure the chain blade is properly adjusted

Here’s the thing about the chainsaw-on-a-stick. The lightweight ones are too wimpy to be of use. The hefty ones are difficult to manage because the cutting end is so heavy- you want to extend the pole but your arms say, " How many legs do you really need?" And definitely not safe to use while on a ladder or roof.

Bought the corded one last time it was on Woot…worked well for one use then the plastic trigger broke. Threw it into the garbage…cheap piece of plastic crap.

WEN your Pole needs a Saw - It’s Your bad Choide to make. Seriously, who put a saw on a pole? This isn’t Army of Darkness and your name is not Ash.

Bought the cordless one last time I saw it on Woot. I like it. Keep the chain sharp and it shortens the time you have to use it thus you don’t get as tired.(I’m old) Battery life is good. I can recommend this saw.