Westinghouse Black 2-Slice Wide Toaster with Toaster Box



Just when you thought it was safe to go back into woot.com… the toaster is back


OMG! It’s a TOASTER! I’ve been waiting for the toasters to show up!
I have 3 of these in my basement from the last woot off… Sorry, someone else take one of these for the team…


Wow is that cheap! I’m buying 3 of them.


NOOOOOOOO! I guess the woot-off is over. lol they ended it on a toaster! :stuck_out_tongue:


The toaster is back ! and what an excellent deal.
I hope you have a couple of thousands of these babies !

We salute you Woot !


Oh boy it’s into the Kitchen we go. OK these are inexpensive items and highly gift worthy - again, we need to ralley the WOOT spirit and contribute to the passing of this fine item. Counter space - I don’t got no counter space either - Except maybe for a sweet Bride.


I have thjs.! It was the best thing I’ve ever purchased from Woot! (other than the Philips DVD/VHS I got today) Only thing is, the bagel button won’t work, and after the first 2 slices, only the bottom of the bread gets brown. I payed $20.00 for mine at last Woot! Off. I’m going to get another! Its $50.00 at Fry’s


Good lord the speed on this site makes me feel like im on 28 k dialup. I got a question tho , how do you know how much is left? Last time it showed on the main page i think but now it doesnt.


i bought one… new apartment… we need a toaster… man i bought three things this woot off.


Woot-off over and no BOC or Mystery Speakers???

What a let down.

On the toaster though…I think it’s a better price than the last woot-off, good deal if you need a toaster, I guess


I have this, too…my bagel button works, but the bottom of my bread DOESN’T get brown! :stuck_out_tongue: Still worth the ten bucks though! :slight_smile:


Wow, what a great woot off. You guys made it so much fun, hope you got what you wanted. Sorry there wasn’t any boats or canoes, but maybe next time.




i got one of these a while back and it works great


Ironic huh?? Ending with toast!!


Finally, something I can relate too. Too bad they didn’t have this in the beginning when I had money :slight_smile:


BTW this is the last item of the woot off


No, son, it’s over…


Well, boys and girls? Hear that sound? I realize it sounds alot like Matthew in falsetto, but that is, in fact, the fat lady singing. Lights are out, progress bar gone, the wootoff is officially OVER

Kind of a bummer. I can now get dinner ready, do some quick chores, and will give the unofficial woot off wrap up later. I think this needs its own thread.