What are you giving for Christmas?

I’ve been watching posts and TV commercials. On TV, people are receiving diamonds and Mercedes. In real life, Woot world, people are going to get Bucky Balls and "Not a Snuggie"s for Christmas. Anything fun in your world?

Mainly giving clothes and gift cards. Toys for the grandkids. One son and his wife are taking me to a Jeanne Robertson concert (?) in another city in a few months that I wanted to see.

Thought my shopping was done until tonight. My 17 year old niece got into her second accident in a 9 week period. This time the BMW (old one,yes she’s spoiled), is totaled. Everyone is okay. She is getting a Matchbox wrecker and a 5 series BMW. Along with her toy cars, flares and first aid box.

No gifts for adults for my whole extended family, too many unemployed. Kids are getting clothes, and a few toys from family members. Got the kids some toys (one of the Melissa and Doug sets from woot), Ver2 gets a camera - FenStar helped me find one on a deal, Ver1 gets some Legos, Santa’s bringing Playmobil (although one of them is STILL not delivered to the store even though the order went out 3 months ago), lady at the store is going to call if it comes in. Might have to wait until birthdays for that one, or a just because gift. One wii game for the family as a whole as well. Stocking stuffers are mostly dollar items from Target.

LOL, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. My nephew once had to have his jaw broken and wired. I got him a big pack of jawbreakers.

For family–well, bizarre things to most people. Sister is getting climbing gear and some clothing items she asked for. Mom got an ipod and itunes gift card plus a couple little things she’d like. Gift cards for some people. One aunt is getting porcelain tabs that are used to identify place settings–I think she can use them to label different kinds of shells, which she collects and displays.

Closer to me…SO is getting a sampler pack of bacon from Zingermans, back bacon, a calendar I made with pictures from our trips earlier this year…some miscellaneous things.

Kids are getting piles o’stuff…video games and toys.

My Christmas wish is to get the house I want under contract so we can maybe spend Valentines Day in our own place!

Mom is getting the lamp she wanted, a decorative thingy (dust catcher), a robe, a mini-food chopper and some leak frogs!

Niece got my iphone 3gs, some bath & body works and little stuff

Nephew got video games he wanted, bucky balls and clothes

gift cards for all others. lots and lots of gift cards.

Got my husband the Halo Reach edition XBox 360.

Most of my friends and family got various things from their wishlists…kitchen items, video games, books, ornaments, etc. Youngest family members got toy laptops.

In-laws aren’t down with the internets enough to have Amazon lists, so I had to guess with them. MIL got a digital photo frame. FIL got an MP3 player.

Nothing from Woot. I get almost everything from Amazon. lol