What to buy?-Amazon Gift Certificate

I took all my change to the Coinstar machine the other day and came home with a $48.76 Gift Certificate to amazon.com, as you do not have to pay the fees if you get a gift certificate.

What should I buy? I do not want to spend more than the 48.76 and will use the free shipping option.

pampers - 37.87

Should he/she send them directly to your house?

why? want my address?

Amazon is building a nice selection of tools, if your the type that ever leaves your computer.

buy a hard-to-find import CD from a group you like

Buy a Dyna Flex Powerball, those things are so cool. I really want to buy one, but I don’t have $40 to spend on a ball right now, lol

You could buy a random assortment of hammers. None of these are really approved by me, but good hammers are a great tool.

FULLER 605-9024 24-Ounce Dead Blow Hammer (high vis orange)
Buy new: $11.75

Vaughan (VAUTC308) Ball Peen Hammer 8 oz.
Buy new: $13.44

Truper Heavy-Duty Hammer - 4-Lb. Engineer Hammer w/Hickory Handle
Buy new: $8.99

Stanley 51-941 Antivibe 16-Ounce Curved Claw Forged Steel Head and Handle Hammer
Buy new: $28.00 $17.24