whatcha eatin? II

With apologies to coffeenogrumpy, we need a new thread for this. The other one got messed up and new posts can’t be found.

Ham sammich.

Saltines to hold me over until lunch.

Trader Joe’s gluten-free granola.

I can go through a whole bag in one day. This time it’'s loaded fruit & nut

Wow! I was thinking what I was going to type and didn’t realize it would be two Trader Joe products in a row. Cool!
Trader Joe’s “Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels” and a cup of coffee.

Tiger’s Milk Bar and a Diet Rock Star.
It’s Monday.

McD’s iced coffee, regular.

That comes in solid form now does it? You’re eating it? :slight_smile:

Picky, picky

I used to love tiger’s milk bars as a kid.

I had a glazed sour cream donut earlier, now i’m contemplating a cup of tea.

Aleve Sinus & Headache

It’s got pseudoephedrine, too. The real stuff. Not that useless pseudo-pseudoephedrine that they’re pushing on us. That stuff is crrap.

Mmmmm… sour cream donuts. Man, I used to eat those by the dozen. Er, I mean, every now and then. What were they thinking putting a Krispy Kreme with a drive-through on my way to work?

I’m drinking a Pepsi and eating the Trader Joes dark chocolate almonds with sea salt. YUM. With some TJs trail mix here and there, too. It’s too hot out for tea.

Right now I am drinking a glass of iced tea. Thinking about going to get something to eat later.

thats very nice…
and yes it was muddled…

well i had a coldstone ice cream
oatmeal cookie dough ice cream
with mixin’s
broken waffle cone
apple pie fillin
graham cracker crumbles
and holy cow… carmel on top

lets just say i dont do this often

and it taste like a wicked apple pie cobbler btw

O M G, that sounds so good.

yup it sure was…

i think its the waffle cone that just brings it up over and past holy cow!!!

thanks for the new thread btw.


Well, I’m jealous. I had low fat strawberry yogurt with a couple of graham crackers. I’m ready for a sinful dessert but I don’t seem to see one in the office frig.

I’m eating a pepsi and fake cheezy fake crackers, which taste a lot like doritos.


Breakfast was Mary Jane candies and a Rockstar Juiced.

My kids eat much better than I do.

Gyros (but made with grilled pork) and Tzatziki sauce… Hmmm.

Thanks for the new thread pooflady.
Made chicken cacciatore with green peppers for dinner last night. Added a side of rice and garlic toast.
I really wanted pizza instead. sigh