What's in a name?

I’ve noticed that a good number of woot artists have screen names. Why? Why do you not use your name name? Just curious.

When I created a woot account, they asked for a username. I’ve used moles for many years. More recently I added the 1138. I think it is more interesting than my real name, Gern Blanston*

*not my real name

Hey, Gern*. How’s it going?

You can probably guess my first name…

Dave Bawootski*.

*Not a real name, I think…

Pinky Tuscadero is not my real name.

The Fonz, “I knew that.”

you should post this in “world of woot shirts” instead of ebw (“elderly boomers of woot”)

You can call me anything but late for dinner.

Fromein Stybyterlowski*

*real name?

Norman Bates

why do you use your name name?


Lol. I wondered how long it would take before somebody called me out for posting a quote question in a non woot forum. I was simply born bad. I use my name…umm…because it’s my name? I have enough trouble keeping all the personalities on the down low. I sure don’t need to be validating them by giving them a formal name.

Yea…that’s a WOOT question, not a quote question.

short anser: mite be trying to keep online shenanigans separate from offline world. helps in anonymity and keeping “unprofessional” activities from adversely affecting “professional” life.