Where'sthe girl stuff???


Where’sthe girl stuff???


you wanna be more specific on that one?


I have yet to meet a girl who didn’t want a killer home theater system. Sure, lots of them hide it and pretend they don’t, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll find the desire there.



Woot is seriously missing out on a great stock of Hello Kitty merchandise and BRATZ playsets… I mean… who wouldn’t buy that crap?



Me. [:D]


Pink really suits your complexion…


Actually, I’m an “autumn”. Whatever the heck that means. I’m pretty sure it means that I’m not suited to pink, though.


Pink is a spring color, so yeah, that’s what that means.


uhm . . . fellahs???


Hey! At least I didn’t admit to knowing. [;)]


My mother majored in textiles at FIT, the best fashion school in the country. I don’t have a sister.


FIT sounds familiar. Is it in either North or South Carolina by any chance?


Truly laughing out loud…maybe you guys should start a sewing circle.


Nope. NYC. http://www.fitnyc.edu/html/dynamic.html


I sew like an engineer. I remember I sewed a button on one of my friend’s shirts, because his girlfriend (my best friend) couldn’t sew, and that button is never, ever coming off. Sure, I probably used half the spool of thread, but that’s a small price to pay.


LMAO…The shirt may fray, become holey, but the button will live on!

If you hadn’t mentioned using thread, I would have, for sure, thought you would have used 100lb fishing line.


me appreciates domestic equality


Ooooh, maybe I can get some airplane cable and unbraid it for use in sewing. That would be awesome. Domestic equality is good. That same friend is now my roomate, and she can’t really cook at all, so her boyfriend pretty much does all of that for her.


Should we break out the barbies and easy bake oven?




This reminds me of Lynnie. sigh