Whistler SRT-35R Radar and Laser Detector



if you have a free shipping coupon, you can get this on uBid for $32 with google checkout.


w00t this should completement my recent speeding tickets w00t


I just had to add a comment … First one!


You can get this on ebay for $30 with shipping. Poor woot.


Buy it up people!!!


I’ve been watching this screen for about two days now. Does this make me a nerd???


cable box?


Get Your Carrots ~0.4 Seconds Faster!

By request, I created a quick little script that allows you to have your credit card security code automatically saved on Woot’s order page.





what the woot is going on




Where is everyone?


Got one of these before, works great! Worthwhile present for the leadfoot in your life…


did i miss the BOC ? i went to wal mart


speeding tickets W()()T


Wonder if this is any good


Come on Woot, give us our bag of crap and let the suffering end!


Hmmm.just got an RX-8 and could use one of these. Anybody have one? What’s your take?


“Hey Farva, what’s the name of that place you like to eat at with the little umbrellas in the drinks?” “Oh you mean Shenanagins?”

Anyone else have a jacked up connection to the woot servers?