Why no checkbook covers?!

I need a new checkbook cover and there are SOOOOOOO many possibilities for some awesome ones here! Please consider adding checkbook covers!

I sure could use a new cover for my Yellow Pages too!

I was about to say, the 1990’s called and they just bounced your check.

But then i was wondering if maybe people in countries outside the US still used checkbooks… Gotta lift up my paradigm blinders every now and again to see where I am going.

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I’ve written 2 checks in the last year.
Bday money for grandkids.
It took a while to find the checkbook…

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I’ve written maybe a half dozen or 6. Our bank was bought out over a year ago. I can still use the checks from the old bank. For a while. Not sure of the cut-off date. Then I’ll need to order the minimum. Good thing I’m on the last book. Won’t waste too many.

I don’t even have a checkbook. :open_mouth:

Though, my husband does, so I guess he takes care of the occasional need for one.

Whoa, I didn’t realize I replied to such an old post. Have to watch out with the migration. lol

Checkbook??!?! I have starter checks from when I opened up a checking account that have a blank address/name. They are 13 years old.

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Why no buggy whip holders?

For the same reason that there are no woot chaw pouches.