Wilson NFL Street Glow Football 2-Pack



If my math is right I get a circumference of only 17.27 inches if the diameter is 5.5. Not over 18 inches.


These would be great for holiday toy drives.


I came here to say the same thing - Toys For Tots would love these.

But since I ought to add some original content, I looked for reviews, but couldn’t find any… Sorry. :frowning: I fail at this post.


Just received these and I’m not sure they are good enough to donate. I was hoping for something an 11 year old would like but they are even too big for my hand, and the green part is smooth instead of textured like the rest of the football, so it slips right out of my grip. I can’t throw it at all, it’s totally worthless.

Update: I saw these same footballs at Walmart. Everything was the same except the green part (which is smooth and slippery on the woot version I got) is textured like the rest of the football on the Walmart version. I’m disappointed that woot would offer the inferior version.