Windsor Oaks Chalk Hill Estate Mountain Cuvee (4)

Windsor Oaks Chalk Hill Estate Mountain Cuvee 4-Pack
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2010 Estate Mountain Cuvee Red Wine, Chalk Hill, Sonoma County
2011 Estate Mountain Cuvee Red Wine, Chalk Hill, Sonoma County
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The protective reefer trucks leaves every thursday. This is a safety first, cost containment almost first, strategy during the summer months.

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My notes from a couple weeks back.

9/1/2015: Roughly 50% Syrah, 25% Sangiovese & 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. 14.5% alc.

Drank this over a couple of nights, the first night with a filet mignon with sautéed mushroom roasted potatoes and a crusty dinner roll. Night two in its own after dinner out.

This is really my favorite type of wine. The Syrah base really showed through. Color is a deep dark ruby at the edges and purple at the core. Clear with the slightest sediment at the bottom of the bottle. The nose is big and young with loads of dark berry flavors and pepper and the Sangiovese even shows up with some cherry notes. Really nice nose.

It’s dry, Full bodied and has a nice acidity to it. Definitely great with a nice cut of red meat. Medium drying tannins leaves your mouth dry but too dry. You aren’t licking an oak tree. Very flavorful and well balanced IMHO. The tannins did fade with time so if you are sensitive to it give the wine some air. Nice medium finish with a bit of tartness. I really enjoyed this wine and really recommend it. I drink a lot of Syrah and this is a bottle I completely enjoyed to the last drop.

I place this somewhere in the middle of the new world old world scale. It’s not over extracted in my sense but it also doesn’t feel old world either. This maybe a wine I load up on for sale for gifting season. Thanks woot!

We picked up 8 bottles of the 2011 last year, still have a few left. It’s not my style of blend, but the wife and several friends really like it. Definitely worth $20/bottle.

Hopefully we can see some more Windsor Oaks reserve cab soon!

I wish Woot Wine would update their list of states that they can ship to! I reviewed their link to ‘free the grapes’ and the DTC shows allowed to ship to Mass!
Hello, Woot! Update your list so a long time follower of Woot can start to buy some of your great wines! There are ten states that have restrictions on shipping wine. Go to to check and see if your state is allowed.
Please post confirmation that I can start to purchase your wines.


There’s a bit more to it that states passing a law. We’re constantly looking at states we can ship to and will update our lists when appropriate.

I see the blend percentages for the 2010, I wonder how different the 2011 is? If the winery stops in please fill in the blend percentages for the 2011.

It’s not Woot, but the Winery. Wine.Woot is only facilitating the Winery’s license to ship to states.

Due to the New York State ruling on Wineries and shipping, things tightened up, especially at the Mothership’s sphincter. But with the change to Amazon Payments, that loosened things up. But sadly, not all of our favorites can use AP.

If your state is not on the (always changing due to each Winery) Ship-To list, it’s likely that the Winery doesn’t have a license for your state.

The Ship-To list is always changing based on the winery, not Wine.Woot.

From CT: 2011 was a cooler year, producing wines with great structure and aging ability. The three grapes used in this blend, Syrah (56%), Sangiovese (26%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (18%), were all grown on our upper blocks, on highly eroded Dibble gravel and volcanic soils, above the fog line where they receive maximum solar exposure.

Cortot: Is this the syrah-heavy blend you hinted at a couple of weeks ago in response to complaints about a lack of tasting notes?

Yes. And I have notes coming on a tasty estate bottled paso Robles Mourvedre that I’m sure will be for sale soon.

I love Mourvedre :slight_smile:

Monastrell is way better! :tongue:

And when they blend the two and top it off with a little mataro. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! So good.

I would be interested as well.

Specs look the same between 2010 and 2011 according to CT… can anyone confirm?

A tasting note has this as well for 2010:

“Roughly 50% Syrah, 25% Sangiovese & 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. 14.5% alc”

I didn’t take a pic of the back of the bottle and was going from memory. Use what’s on the specs tab for the 2010, Which doesn’t give percentages for the 2011. I doubt it’s identical between vintages.