Wine Spectator Menu Light



Great. Just great. I’m the only one who thinks the 20 year California/Oregon wine vintage chart might be handy to have.

And my parents can always use another light to check the bill/menus with.


Is this thing on?

Is this kosher?

How long was it in the barrel?

And what proportion of new/old Oak was used?

How long can I cellar this for? That is, what is the drink by date?

Somebody stop me by buying some!!!

Edit: YEA!!! Thank you twdparr!!!.


I really have no use whatsoever for this… Sorry!


I might be in for 1 if there was an action shot of this thing lighting a menu. Or a side view, possibly a photo of it holding a dollar with a comment stating this is Woot’s dollar and we cannot have it.






My company gave these away as freebies over 10 years ago - I still have one that is going strong.

It’s a Polaroid “Polapulse” battery with a light attached to it.


They must have a couple thousand of these. They haven’t moved at all…


Somehow I think this would make my dining experience more awkward…


So you want to be Mr Mac of the wine side today, huh?


So, it’s NOT a ‘diet wine’ menu…? Shucks.


ok if you’re just looking for a mini light