Winix C535 True HEPA Air Cleaner

Winix C535 True HEPA Air Cleaner

Can the next contest be for one of these?

I have the same item and absolutely love it. It plays a melodic tune when turning on and off and it sells for 130 at Costco. It definitely sparks joy and I leave it on all the time. It’s super quiet and can be put up against a wall as air blows up out of it.

Just beware that some of them (the seller claimed 1:1000) have a loose nut and make a knocking sound after a while. However, this is repairable if you have a wrench and can tighten it. The dissassembly and reassembly are straight forward but there are just a lot of screws.


I bought this the last time it was on woot. Same price of $69 in September 2018. I have it in my office (where I am sitting now) and it works great. Despite all the electronics, I have very little dust in my office. I keep it on medium (2 fans) and can’t really hear but a soft hum like white noise. At this price, it’s great.


Do you have to hunt down replacement filters?
I had a air filter, not bought here, that worked great but finding replacement filters was horrible.

bought this exact model last time it was offered, works silently on medium. when my other purifier (different brand) finally stops working i’ll replace with another Winix.

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Several replacement filters available on Amazon. I just ordered this unit and then ordered these from Amazon.

Wonder if this would be good for motor home?

Does this help at all with eliminating smells?

Carbon filters are for odor, so yes.

  • Activated Carbon Filter: Formulated to capture offensive smoke, cooking and other household odors. The disposable carbon sheet also works as a pre-filter to capture large particles like hair, carpet fibers and dust which extends the life of the True HEPA filter.

Buyer be warned: I own two of these, and within one year of ownership and very light usage, one makes an annoying clicking noise (not the loose bolt issue) and the other makes a chirping noise (also not the loose bolt issue).
One was bought new through Costco, the other refurb through Woot. I do not recommend these. Also if you’re outside of your return window and need to use your Winix warranty they WILL make you pay for shipping the defective unit back to them. So yeah, great customer service.

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Deal on filters going on at Costco ending 2/7. 2 filters for 70 bucks.