"Wireless" Accessories



Wireless stuff is pretty handy when you’re running short on outlets and plugs, I have to say.

How many things have you got that are wireless?


Well, I just ordered two of the wireless microphones based on the description and photo. I then checked and realized that the photo being used is not of the item being offered. The “M” suffix indicates the handheld microphone and an “HL” would indicate the handsfree headset microphone that is pictured. Hopefully I will be able to cancel the order or return the items. I wanted the item pictured. :frowning:


Whats up with the wrong pic? Come on, that is simple stuff to get right.


So with the Gemini UF-1264M Professional 64 Channel UHF PLL Diversity Wireless System, does that come with both handheld AND lavolier? We need more stats on it, not just that it’s a “system”.


Wait!! Don’t go away. What wrong pic? There’s a lot of pics. Tons of pics. Mountains of pics? What pic? I’m dying here!


I believe this is the incorrect pic as the pictured item here is what he wanted.


Although this is the correct pic and is not the item he wanted.


As he stated he wanted the item pictured which is not the item being sold unless the pic is not the error but the description is.

If this product listing is incorrect in anyway I am sure woot will get a lot of emails soon unless its fixed, that is if their is an error idk I dont use this kind of stuff I just searched online so this is what I believe only “tankstew” knows what he means. Although I believe he wanted the lavalier system.

Also since the pic is incorrect I believe “bcgrote” also wants to know if this comes with a hand mic or a lavalier or both?


I was going to buy it until I realized it comes with a microphone instead of the headset. I appreciate you folks pointing this out.


I got a UNIDEN set, 2 outdoors, 1 indoor and the reciever screen all work fine, just bought it and I need to sell, any question riespi.msn, thanks