Wireless Foldable LED Desk Lamp

Wireless Foldable LED Desk Lamp

These are not the originals, as those had in addition to the battery option, a USB cable that you could plug into your computer, charger or backup battery. And the last two of those, I only paid $9.99 each on Amazon. (The two prior to those were $4.99 each from Carol Wright on clearance and NO they don’t have them any more).

I keep one by the bed for power outages. My husband swiped one of the first ones for a light for his computer area. The others are as intended, in the hurricane supplies.

Not sure I could go these without the USB option. . .

It’s hard to say what’s an original with so many items being made in China. I would guess you have lamps from a different manufacturer.

These retail at about $34.99 with Aduro (Bright Basics), use three AA batteries (and you can always put rechargeable AAs in it and still be green), and are offered at a pretty decent discount.