Wireless In-Ear Headphones w/ Case

(Assuming you ever end up seeing this…)

How long ago did you email them, and did you check your spam box?

Completely agree with most of the previous posts. Wish I would have read the other reviews before I bought them. If you can get them to both sync at the same time then they are okay for listening to music. If you want to use them to talk to people then be prepared for the people you talk with to let you know you sound like you are in a bathroom or a wind tunnel. Also seems like the syncing goes in and out frequently.

Not to mention they don’t fit well in the ear. I found mine to be big and bulky and fell out of my ears all the time…

IMO gvarsity has the best review on here. Totally sensible. They are absolutely the “get what you pay for” version of a bluetooth headset.
The charge only lasts a few hours (3-4 if using both, 6+ if using only 1), will only single-pair the right headphone (i.e. if you turn on the left only it does nothing, if you turn them both on and then turn the right one off they both turn off), and they don’t stay in your ears very well.
That said, it’s exactly what I expected for 20.

I purchased these when they were first advertised - for $20 I didn’t expect much, and got even less than I expected! Believe what everyone else has said on here and avoid this purchase! Luckily, WOOT customer service is great and they refunded my money right around the same time I tossed these into the trash! These are NOT ‘you get what you pay for’, they are ‘you get much less than you pay for’!

I purchased 2 of these and have had no issues. Connects just fine. Sound quality is not superior, but good. Totally worth $20. Would it be possible to get a “user guide”. I don’t have any paperwork that came with them and have a few functionality questions.

How did you get them to find your device? I’ve tried so many times but the Bluetooth is not picking it up. I have an iPhone

I can’t even get my Bluetooth to find them!

Junk, got few months out of them and they will not charge.