Wireless In-Ear Headphones w/ Case

Wireless In-Ear Headphones w/ Case

Who makes these? What model are they?


Are these compatible with iphone x

Yes, via Bluetooth.

Are they only compatible with iOS or with Android (Galaxy)?

They use Bluetooth so can connect to any device with Bluetooth.

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From previous, um, deal - https://forums.woot.com/t/wireless-in-ear-headphones-w-case/22991


Ohhhh… thank you for posting link to previous discussion… I almost pulled the trigger… I probably would’ve been NOT HAPPY. Thanks!

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Howdy. ASX wireless, the model number is RDM-WBUD.

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I don’t know what people expect for $20. The list price is total fantasy but for $20 they are what I expected. Look like airpods but cheap plastic. Sound is meh but functional. Not using them for high quality .flac. For me wearing them to be wireless and walk around and listen to audio books totally worth $20. They connect and generally hold the connection people can understand me if they call. They functionally do the job no more no less. Probably not super durable but we will see.

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Any idea how to keep these things in your ear? They fit very poorly in the ear and are made of slick plastic so the slightest head movements will cause them to fall out. While they are in, they seem to be worth $20, but they won’t stay in at all! Having rubber sleeves (like most every other earbuds) to hold them in would be nice.

These are junk - don’t waste your money. Bought 3 sets. They are all going back.
Difficult to get both to pair. Sound quality is terrible.

Purchased 2 paired and greatly DISAPPOINTED! They do not readily pair and when they do, not as a set, but individually ~ VERY ANNOYING! NOT worth even the tempting $20. Surprised WOOT! is still selling/promoting them.

These suck!
I have have a few other low priced Bluetooth headphones and these are far and away the worst. The charge lasts a ridiculously short amount of time and when they are about to die they blast you with a jarringly loud alarm.

What do you want for twenty bucks? Beats 200.00 for the apple ones, and even they don’t get good reviews.

The fact that they are still pushing these with all the negative comments and feedback available, is good representation on why I haven’t bought anything from woot in awhile now.

These things are utter and complete garbage. These aren’t even worth the $20 they are listed at. These aren’t deeply discounted knockoff of an apple product, or even a respectable BT product that offers you any value. They only operate in mono, since it is not possible to pair the two simultaneously. Avoid.

Hi there. If you haven’t already, please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

These are complete junk. Got mine yesterday and can not get both buds to play music at the same time! Only one or the other, at random, but never both. Garbage.

Don’t purchase these I ordered 2 and both broke within a week the earbuds got stuck in the case and the entire earbud came apart the other pair just broke open and the wire coil was hanging out dollar tree ear buds last longer. I emailed woot and never heard back I’m so disappointed i never order from woot again.