Wireless In-Ear Headphones w/ Case

Wireless In-Ear Headphones w/ Case

this is the single worst product i’ve ever seen in my life. The last time these were posted, it was all 1 star reviews and it’s the only time i’ve ever requested a refund in my nearly 30 years on this planet. DO NOT but this absolute garbage


$20?? I can’t imagine these are Apple sanctioned.


The manual sucks, and their is no website to gain more information regarding the earbuds. Additional trying to navigate thru the woot website if ridiculous. Try figuring out how to return these useless items. Good Luck!


Complete junk - Do not buy. Bought 2 and one was defective - wouldnt even turn on, and the other would not pair the 2 earbuds together.


These look exactly like the ones I bought and just received (they were available in white only). I haven’t used them yet and won’t because they are too big - do not fit well in my ears and will fall out with too much movement. A waste of $22 bucks and not worth returning cuz I’d probably have to pay a fortune for the return postage - but I may check out how much it cost to return them anyway. I guess getting some $$ back is better than no $$ back.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please ALWAYS contact customer service when you’re unhappy with a product. When I see issues reported in the forums, the buyer and I ask CS for contact & return rates. If you don’t contact them, we don’t have a real picture of the problem.



I don’t understand. If this is junk why is WOOT selling it??? I remember when it wasn’t a child of Amazon and the products had been vetted. There were ZERO issues with quality. Now it seems like a dumping ground for any crap Amazon can’t move. ‘This item hasn’t been reviewed yet’. Really??? From the looks of all the comments it has been reviewed plenty and is junk!!!


Trust me, there was plenty of crap items then too. Submitted for evidence: World’s Crappiest Projector.

And yet, not everyone found it crappy. What works for some folks doesn’t necessarily work for all.


You gotta blame Crapple for over charging for the real ones. If they charge $50, people won’t bother with this crap.


Please do yourself a favor and heed the multiple warnings here saying that this is crap. It is! Do you hear me?
Too big to fit properly into human-sized ears.
Doesn’t pair well.
Sounds awful

  • don’t try to subject your friends to you trying to speak on them, they won’t hear you
  • definitely don’t try to listen to music with them, you won’t enjoy it.

What can I say to dissuade you from making the mistake I made, other than say: This is crap!


I ordered these before reading all the comments (haven’t received them yet) and now am regretting my decision.

Edit: Clarify that I haven’t received them yet.

They work fine for me. Fit my ears, paired fine with my Android phone, and sound ok.
If you try it with an iPhone, maybe you are holding the phone wrong :wink:


What brand are the headphones?

There’s no brand.

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I ordered 3 pairs of these and now trying to get a refund. By far the biggest pieces of crap ever on Woot


I emailed customer service today. One never turned on and the other won’t hold a charge. I’m terribly disappointed. I want my money back please.

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Bought two pair after I lost my Apple AirBuds. Both pair work but not necessarily a great value even at $20. I’d say I got what I paid for. No more, no less. Wish I’d read the comments beforehand.

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Im in the same position as you… not sure if I should try them or send them back?

How do I get a refund? After 3 months, one of them will not charge. They also light up and blink when they are on - really annoying at night.