Wood Ranch Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2 Pack

Wood Ranch Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Extra Virgin
PRODUCT: 2 Wood Ranch Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reserve - 375 mL bottle

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First sucker just because that one balsamic vinegar that one time was so great. Here’s hoping this olive oil blows me away in the same way.

Is this the Reserve Frantoio or the Reserve Arbequina? Or one of each?

These look pretty solid, and not a bad price point. I didn’t see a price listing on the website, does anyone know what sort of deal this is?

For the Wood Ranch folks (Tim and/or Tracy); there are so many varieties of olives, and olive oils, I love the wide range of subtle flavors I’ve found in different Extra Virgins. What sort of flavors do Arbequina, Arbosana and Frantoio generally bring to the table?

Twenty bucks (and $35 for two) actually isn’t a bad price at all for premium olive oil. Even compared to the mass-produced stuff - here, store brand runs around $9 for 750ml, Bertolli is $12, and Colavita is $17 (and premium stuff at Whole Foods or wherever will easily run you well over $20).

It doesn’t make any sense to me why they would bottle it like wine, or label it “reserve,” but as long as it’s good stuff, it seems well worth the price.

Woot Ranch?! When did Woot get a ranch???

Ooooooooh… WOOD Ranch. Doh! I guess myy eyes were shot out by the rebel mice on shirt.Woot. :wink:

Too bad I just bought a gallon of olive oil. Where is that airlifted olive oil Woot had about a year ago? That stuff was legendary!

Oh crap! What happened to wine.Woot.com/Monday ???

Here’s what I found for tasting notes (for another oil-maker):

Here’s what I found on the varietals:

Are these “finishing” oils to dress a nice plate of Bolognese or risotto? Or are these just good quality olive oils for salads and / or use as ingredients in recipes? - Thanks!!

Agreed. Price looks great, and two woots is four for $35 inc postage, which is two 750ML equivalents: it’s cheaper than many wines!

So what’s the style? Are these punchy, dirty, full-on big olive flavours, or smooth sweet and subtle olive oils?

Actually for American grown that price is probably pretty typical from what i’ve seen.

It looks like that is a very light colored olive oil so anyone that buys any quantity would probably want to keep the bottles stored in a dark cool place as light and heat can ruin extra virgin olive oil fairly quickly even when unopened.

From what i’ve read Wood Ranch Extra Virgin has a very slightly fruity taste, could be very nice on salads.

An interesting article - apparently if you’re in Livermore and have olive trees of your own, Wood Ranch will crush the olives and extract the oil for you; apparently they’re pretty good at it.

Here is pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about Olive Varieties for Oil and their cultivation…

Lots of good stuff about Olive Oil Milling

My first wine.woot of the year!

I’m really looking forward to this one, I love trying different evoo’s!


This looks like a great deal. In for three.

I’m in. No vendor participation needed for me at this price point. Can’t wait to try some EVOO from Cali !

Looks good, and as others have mentioned, this is pretty much the same price as store-brand, so really a no-brainer.

The best part is that since I buy the large jug’s of olive oil on a regular basis, I won’t count this against my monthly wine.woot budget. :slight_smile:

I’m low enough on olive oil I had planned on buying some this weekend, so this is perfect timing for me. In for 2.