Woot "emulator/imitator" sites dropping off?


Woot calls them “shameless ripoff” sites. These are the other sites that are using the One Day One Deal format, or something similar. Some of us check them just as habitually as we check woot, in search of the ultimate bargain. But as anyone who reads the woot forums knows, it’s hard to find items to make everyone happy.

2 of these alternate sites have gone into hiatus. One, {edited}has been promising an upgrade ever since Xmas. And yesterday, {edited}, put up a picture of a cute car driven by bunnies and said they were taking a break too. On their home page, they give their stats of sales, posts, etc. since they started up, and you can see that this is a hard business to break into, unless maybe you were the first one with the idea.

So now there only 5 competitors left that I know of, and one promising to start up this “quarter”. It looks like the ones who will be able to stay around will have to have a special niche (like {edited} outdoors emphasis and {edited} musical emphasis) or will have to have a special gimmick (like {edited} guess the product from the clues game or Woot’s Random Crap).

Overall, these are all fun sites, so while Woot deplores being “ripped off”, they are probably flattered by all the imitation or emulation, since “Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery.”

Any other opinions?

{Edited to remove copycat names. Point is clear w/out them. Please, keep the discussion to “general” concept and do not list the shamelessripoff.com sites. }


I have an opinion . . . when I get home I’ll ask my wife if I can use it for a minute . . .


Nope, no opinion here. Anyone else?


Mrs Gman had you well trained! Good for her!


Here’s another one.

What is {edited} ?
{edited} is coming soon! You’ll enjoy this exciting new way of saving you money. It is an online
store based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota that
focuses on selling one item or service each day for an amazing price.



Well, we will have to see what they sell and how they do it, before we will know if they are really copying woot. And then they will have to come up with some great buys if they want to stay in business.


Please, keep the actual names of the shamelessripoff.com websites out of your posts.


I do NOT understand this policy. As I have already pointed out, they may have copied woot’s strategy, but in my opinion, they are NOT competition. They aren’t taking business away from woot, and since they discuss woot on their sites, they provide woot free advertising.

This thread was to discuss whether these other sites had a chance to stay in business. Since woot may have knocked 2 of these sites off the air already, why is it a problem to say their names???

I understand limited censorship in time of war. Who is woot at war with?


Okay, now. So when is someone going to write a post mentioning {edited}, {edited}, or {edited} leaving you to wonder whether they really mentioned {edited} or {edited}, or whether they just typed in the {edited}'s themselves? :slight_smile:


You just did stin!


There are filters in place to remove the names of the other sites. I don’t make the rules or choose the filters. Until Staff decides otherwise, I was just enforcing them, esp., since others were beginning to post the names of upcoming websites.

I can’t speak for woot. Write to them and maybe someone from staff will address the reasons for their filters.



Good point, G. I just wrote to them. This policy is just so out of character, since people are allowed to write about almost anything else on this site.


{The above was NOT edited by gimmaroon, lol.


I leave a note.}