Woot no Funny at all!

Woot, an Amazon funny company is everything but laughs. It clearly does not want to sell some stuff for some people. All my order get payment denied except ones that woot could not sell to someone else. This ones go through some days later. When nobody wants that product than magically my payment works just fine.

Funny is that the CC works perfect on Amazon. This night I went for a mac book pro, 15 minutes later, denied. Call my CC, Amex told they did not try any. Place the order again, this time no response for hours, said not shipped yet. Went to sleep. This morning of course denied again and all the mac are gone.

Would be a great option for customers, but in the end it’s only a source for eBay resellers, that woot already select as their preference costumers. No chance at all to get a bargain.

Do your billing and shipping info match? Sometimes that causes issues.


Exactly the same. And works just fine in amazon.

When nobody wants the product my payments go through some days later. When it is something like a bargain macbook I always get denied. Shure there are special costumers for them. Clear cristal! Anybody else?

Hi there. We don’t get much information from the security checks. Make sure your billing info on Woot matches your card.

You can also use Login with Amazon and pay with your Amazon wallet.

Everything matchs and I did use the Amazon Payments system. Truth is that Woot chooses for who it Will sell. Its not a Payment problem at All.

By the way, the same Mac I ended buying from Apple yesterday. And today I got something in Amazon prime DAY. No problem at All with the exact same card.

Woot is somehow biased to some custumers. Witch is the criteria I dont know. Proof is that if the product dont sell than afete some says my Payments works just fine.

We use a 3rd party system for security verifications. We don’t program it to choose which orders to let through.

Really? So way does my previous order around 800usd went through some days after order (SAME CC) and an 1050usd macbook does not after 3 tries? Also 12 hours later I’m able to buy a 1400usd one in apple and some shopping on amazon prime day (that I use in woot), same CC AGAIN. Why it take hours to be denied and other people are confirmed right away? No transparency at all.

Sorry makes no sense!