Woot! Now Offers Asurion Protection Plans!

HELLO! We’ve been trying to reach you about your vehicle’s extended warranty.

OK, not really but we are pleased to offer Asurion Protection Plans for many items that you purchase on Woot!

Eligible products will have a link in the Warranty section that will take you to Amazon.com to purchase the protection plan. Plans are provided by Asurion and must be purchased via the link and paid for on Amazon.com.

Please read the following FAQ for more information.

Asurion Protection Plan FAQ

How does this work?
You can buy the product eligible for a protection plan on woot.com or on the Woot! App and then use the link provided under the ‘Warranty’ section on the product page to purchase a protection plan provided by Asurion and sold on Amazon. Asurion protection plans must be purchased on amazon.com via the link provided on Woot!’s product page. Once the plan is purchased, Asurion will send a welcome email to the email address associated with your Amazon account, with details about your protection plan (ex. claims process) including applicable Terms and Conditions.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my protection plan?
If you have any questions about protection plan, including coverage duration, service fees, etc. please refer to below sections on this page and Terms and Conditions of your plan. You may also reach out to Asurion via the contact seller button.

When can I buy a protection plan from Asurion?
You must buy an Asurion protection plan within 30 days of your product purchase on woot.com. Scratch & Dent and Open Box Clearance products are not eligible for Asurion protection plan. These items are still eligible for the 90-day Woot limited warranty (30 days for Open Box items).

How does the Woot limited warranty interact with my protection plan from Asurion?
If your plan coverage starts on the date of purchase, your plan is inclusive of the Woot limited warranty coverage, it does not replace Woot limited warranty but provides certain benefits during the term of the Woot! limited warranty including but not limited to accidental damage from handling for eligible products, power surge and other product specific coverages as indicated in your Terms and Conditions. After the expiration of the Woot limited warranty, your Asurion plan also provides coverage for defects in materials and workmanship. If your plan does not start on the date of purchase, all coverage begins after the Woot limited warranty expires. Please see your plan Terms and Conditions for details.

Can I buy an Asurion Home+ protection plan to cover my eligible tech?
Yes, if you have an Asurion Home+ plan when you buy an eligible product on Woot, the product will be covered under the terms of your existing Asurion Home+ plan. See Home+ on Amazon for plan details, Terms and Conditions and to purchase an Asurion Home+ plan.

How do I cancel my protection plan?
Visit amazon.com/orders and search “Asurion.” Find the plan you wish to cancel. Within the first 30 days, click “Cancel Policy.” After 30 days, click “Contact Seller” and select “Return Product” as the subject. Please see Cancellation section of your Terms and Conditions for additional details regarding how to cancel your plan.

How do I change my protection plan, if I made an error?
Visit amazon.com to cancel your protection plan (steps above) and purchase a new protection plan within 30 days of product purchase from Woot!.

How do I make a claim under my protection plan?
Online claims can be initiated at Protection Plans | Asurion (http://asurion.com/Amazon). Please be sure to have your woot.com order details ready when starting a claim. Please see your plan Terms and Conditions for details.

What are the plan terms, what is covered and what isn’t?
Prior to plan purchase, coverage details and Terms and Conditions are available for your review on the protection plan page on Amazon and via the FAQ’s links below. After purchase, please refer to the welcome email with Terms and Conditions Asurion sends you.

Items FAQ Link
Personal Care, Housewares, Baby, Home Improvement, Sporting Goods, Kitchen http://asurion.com/amazon/faq1
Floorcare, Lawn & Garden http://asurion.com/amazon/faq2
TVs, Desktop Computers, Office, Electronics (including Security) http://asurion.com/amazon/faq3
Laptop Computers, Tablets, Portable Electronics, Toys, Musical Instruments, Cameras http://asurion.com/amazon/faq4
Mobile Phones http://asurion.com/amazon/faq5
Luggage http://asurion.com/amazon/faq7

What is the process after I have submitted a claim?
Claims are processed by Asurion, and Asurion will provide next steps to you over email or via phone.


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Can I insure my crap? I’d hate for it to arrive and not have anything in it be broken.


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We bought something from amazon along with the asurion warranty. We needed to use it, and it was quick and easy. YMMV


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No, that’s me. Why haven’t you claimed your free hotel stay? And your car warranty isn’t going to renew itself.


what car? i sold it.

which hotel? does it have rubber sheets?


Our records indicate you have a car and our records are correct. You are the one who is wrong. You should probably look around to see where it went.

The hotel has a vibrating bed, a mirrored ceiling, and all of our roaches are respectful and well-behaved. well, except for Roger. Roger’s a jerk.


Who stole my car?

That hotel sounds delightful, Roger can stay and watch, he may learn a thing or two.


Are wootafterdark items covered?


Roger would like to stay, thank you. He’s into that sort of thing.

Also, he’s the one who stole your car.

They are but only if you use them at the hotel.




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Woot is involved with the ‘Extended Warranty’ scam now??? lol…