woot or slick deals which one's better?

So my friends and I had a quarrel regarding the these two websites woot and slickdeals. She says that slick is better, and i’m saying that woot is better. Can you guys help us out, and comment your favorite. I’ll count the comments and decide! Thanks!

There was a time woot was better, but I think SlickDeals is head and shoulders above it now. I used to be super-active on deals.woot, but I rarely ever go there anymore.

What sort of a question is this? Woot sells products and slickdeals tells people where they can by things for cheap, but they don’t sell anything.
The two aren’t comparable

Deals.woot is like slickdeals. Community sourced deals (found on woot and elsewhere)

Deals.woot.com doesn’t hold a candle to slickdeals (or even Fatwallet)

Woot really went downhill when they became the trash outlet for Amazon. Rarely have anything worth a darn anymore.

i will choose woot i guess