Woot out of control


What happened?


woot drank a jug of Nyquil…and here we are.


Woot god codeslaves at play. I haven’t found anything different yet. Maybe they only did stuff that effects them. We hope.

Ohhhh, maybe we won’t jump threads anymore!

This happens every once in awhile. We have a backup website, but nobody went there.

I got Splinters nails clipped while it was down!


They used the Nyquil to wash down their Prozac.


Still jumping. Oh well.


woot staffer, lukeduff…said “Downtime was moving to a new database server. Everything seems to be pretty speedy.”


Cool. So now we can bounce even quicker between forums when we post.


As far as I can tell, we are faster. Things come up as soon as you click them!
Still jumping though.


I went there!


Well, yeah, you went there! It is your site!
I go more. I would steal it from you, but it would break and I wouldn’t know how to fix it.


I’m there a lot.


My post count is higher.
Here too.
Double slacker!
You were at 3,000 when I unlurked.





I’m wrong. Cruzer has a much larger post count on his thread.
I don’t know how, but he does.
It isn’t even close.


its because I rock :wink:

I deleted some threads there.
that’s why you don’t see the posts


Maybe they gave him credit for each time he refreshed trying to see if woot was back up. hehe


hehe, I wrote the forum, I can pretty much do anything I want with it



This sounds like a good old-fashioned pissing contest. Keep it up.


We’ll since ladies don’t piss, they tinkle, leaves me out of this contest. good nite all


“If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.”