Wootball Crap

Wootball Crap


Sales stats on this one show lots of wooters wooting in Colorado and no wooters wooting in Arizona. Kinda how the game is going

Why is it that I still try to buy these things even when I know I don’t qualify because of the 31 day rule? WHY CAN’T I QUIT YOU?

Anyway, congrats and sympathies to those who scored.


Missed by what I assume is a hair. Shucks

what the hell?!?

[quote] We cancelled your order cuz we no have enough

Hey, hunter7411 -

We’re really sorry we have to say this, but somehow, we ran out of stock on that thing you ordered. It was our fault and we’re sorry. Your order #60873802 has been cancelled just like it never happened and you weren’t charged. You may see a pending authorization hold, however. This should expire in a few days.[/quote]

sooooooooo I didn’t get the BOC?

We ran out right before we could finalize our order. We have to cancel it to reverse gears.

Wootball Crap!!! Woot, where is my monkey?!

Nice crap! Monkeys aren’t in the promised list of crap. :slight_smile: