World Grenade
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Got overnight shipping? Don’t forget to post a picture of your shirt when you receive it!

OK, considering this derby’s drama…LOOOOOOL

Wear this and try to get through airport security!

(Otherwise, nice design)


Wait, this ugly thing is why you guys banned that cool green design in the derby? l.a.m.e

Cool. In for 1. would have liked a color other than black though.

Woot goes political?

Grats to the shout out to APB who came out with a GOOD looking world bomb of sorts.

No, only three of the four derby shirts get printed. Crouching tiger was in 4th place.

Or wait–are you talking about the Panic! derby? If so, they banned that because it didn’t imply panic, or some such reason.

Awesome shirt, I’d probably get it if it weren’t gold-ish.

Also, yay on getting the rat post first out of four contestants, hahah.

True, but I agree… when did woot go political?

I cannot stop laughing.

Woot, this is the best shirt you could have possibly put up tonight. Not buying. Not even remotely. But my god, you just owned like no other.

very nice i like the tan brown colors on black

Man, this one will catch a lot attention for u from cops

OH, you’re probably out of the loop.

“Don’t wear this shirt: near an airport, in a government building, around a protest, or when you’re walking near all that land the President bought in Argentina and Paraguay.”

Why not?

Has the gov’ment become so l a m e that a t shirt scares them? :-/

I have to agree on this. I really liked the green world bomb and thought it was original! Oh well… :frowning:

Very upbeat shirt.

This I would have worn were it heather gray.

Instead they put a picture of a tiny cat on a giant dead fish on a heather gray shirt.

Black shirts are for 14 year-olds and Steve Jobs (and then only mock turtlenecks).