Wowwee Remote Control Mach 2 Jet Car


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Wowwee Remote Control Mach 2 Jet Car
Do the turbines make it go faster?
Tell you what: Buy two, saw the fans off one of them, race ‘em, and you tell us.
$24.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
The Wowwee remote-control Jet Car is a pretty quick little bugger, topping out at over 15 miles per hour. Its front-and-rear foam-tipped bumpers—perfect for the way you drive—are why they call this baby “Eraserhead.” The way it careers around tight turns? That’s what earns it the nickname “Margot Skidder.” Its twin turbine jet propulsion system? That’s why some call it “Two-fan Sam.”

Hey, not for nothin’, the Jet Car was designed by the same folks who dreamed up other Woot faves: the Robosapien, the remote-control T-Rex and the Thunderbike. Those guys! They’re like wide-eyed children trapped in adult bodies! (The actual manufacturing is probably done by wide-eyed children trapped in Third-World sweatshops.)

Please note: Although this car is called the “Mach 2,” it will not actually exceed the speed of sound except under highly unusual driving conditions. However; the twin fans do emit a fair amount of noise, which itself will travel at speeds very near Mach 1.


* Twin turbine jet propulsion
* Radical high-speed acceleration
* Road-gripping rubber tires
* Curve-hugging control
* Screaming ultra-fast speed
* Giving-you-the-finger red color scheme
* Ultra-smooth handling
* Full-function remote control (8-way directional)
* 9.6V rechargeable battery and AC charger included


[color=green:b5614dcf28]I Want some $25 Logitech Z3 Speakers. C’mon Woot I know you can do it![/color]


Oh yeah! Can anyone tell me how to fit my Omnifi into this?


woot rocks!






What the deuce?


Paid for the computer and got a tracking number but tracking number shows only this: Package data transmitted to FedEx. Fed Ex told me that Item was never picked up for delivery. No Response from woot…

Has anyone else actually got theirs yet?

FED EX #:697123534049


word, good woot for a monday :smiley:
pshh buy two and put on the turnbines from one of them onto the other. Bull I say [color=brown:79eea53385]BULL.[/color]
Buy [color=red:79eea53385]3 [/color]to have [color=red:79eea53385]6 turbines[/color] and hope that it won’t drag it down due to weight. -The [color=blue:79eea53385]Latest[/color] Tech News, Mods, Hacks, and Deals


kill me please


Go Speedy


can’t resist…


39.95 on FROOGLE!


ironbeamz is back!

and this is what i get as a welcome home present?
aka. freeo dot tk


I’ll take three! Sweet!


haahha jet car!!! LMAO!


How about some more bags of crap instead of RC cars?




hmmmmm…if i had the $20 credit from woot for the great battery fiasco of 2005, i mighta thought about this…but alas, noooooo

well,ok…i wouldn’t have bought it anyway :wink: