WTF Pricing: Wednesday, 9/16/20


I’m content with my generic sample of the same specs from 4Imprint.

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I give up. Sprint’s awful 3g network has defeated me.

There’s nothing worse than sprint. Can’t wait to get off their network

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I tried to. Can’t for less than $700.

Verizon will no longer pay off your lease.

I’ve got two lines still under lease. I owe $200 ish on one and $150 ish on the other. But to pay them off today and tell them to suck it is over $700.

Apparently the turd who explained the lease to me lied. He said once the lease was up the phone would be paid off. Nope. There’s actually 6 months worth of payments tacked on once the lease is up.

I feel violated by sprint. I called cs, the 5th one admitted it was their network and they didn’t know when they’d fix it.

But you know I have to pay for something they’re not giving me because fine print.

I hate them.

And I thought Verizon was bad.

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This is kind of why I don’t use contracts or do phone leasing.

Scooter for scale.


They probably are. But I’m willing to pay for service. Right now I’m paying for nothing.

It took 4 tries and probably an hour to post that picture.

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Yup. This is my first leasing experience and I’m not doing it again.

When it worked, it was fast and flawless. So I didn’t care because I didn’t need to switch.

Now I’m perpetually ticked off.

So the Tote will definitely fit at least 1 Scooter with possible spare room.


Yes. There’s room for Scooter, two squeak mice, and snacks.

He’s the same size as Roscoe. You can see the mixer for scale.


INSTRUCTIONS for when Sale #1 goes live!

  1. Go to this page: Clearance
  2. Click into the sale on that page.
  3. Check the price. Buy it!

Did you miss your chance?

  1. Go back to this page: Clearance
  2. Refresh.
  3. Click into the sale.
  4. See if it’s updated. If not, go back to step 1.



Also could be used as a cooler bag to take to the beach or camping, or wherever else you need cooling. Thats what I used mine for the first time

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Perhaps they fixed the alleged typo that was on the first one…

I hope not.

I liked the typo.

If it didn’t fit you must acquit!

Typo? Do tell…

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2 for 2 if you factor in the error listing this morning!

“You should get the app” hahaha no.

One down, three to go

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