WTF Pricing: Wednesday, 9/16/20


Starts 11am CT:

As Seen On TV: Ove Glove ALL DONE!

Starts 12pm CT:

360 Electrical Surge Protector, 4 Outlets SOLD OUT!

Starts 1pm CT:

Thera-Band Exercise Ball ALL DONE!

Starts 2pm CT:

Woot! Insulated Grocery Tote 2.0 ALL DONE!

About Woot!'s Totally Fun Pricing (WTF)

  • At the start times (see above), the deal launches at $1. There are just a few at this price. If you missed it, go back to the WTF event page (not this one – the one linked above) and get ready to refresh at the next 10-minute mark.

  • Every 10 minutes, the price goes up a little more, with just a few at each price level. We’ll keep raising the price until we reach a “final” price and/or it sells out. The price will increase 2-3 times before the final price is reached.


  • WTF Pricing is for this offer only.

  • The deals will appear “Sold Out” until WTF Pricing starts at the specific times above.

  • When the offer is live, click on it to try and buy it. A lot of other people will be clicking on it too.

  • If you miss an offer, keep trying! Refresh the WTF page (not this one – the one linked above) until the sale goes live again with the next price.

  • There are only a few quantities at each price level. Not just one, but not dozens. A FEW. Each level will sell out really quickly. Most likely you’re not going to get one for $1. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.

  • When you click on the offer, you might be ushered into Woot’s Vestibule of Patience, the queue of customers who are trying to order. From there, you’ll either be taken to the checkout page, or our servers will hiccup and kick you out to Woot’s main page.

  • You may get a message that your order has been denied or canceled. This just means that we ran out of inventory at that price before we could complete your order. Most likely this is going to happen, so just be ready for the disappointment.

And hey, if you ARE lucky enough to get the deal at one of the crazy-low prices, post about it in the thread below, or on social media, so other Wooters don’t think this is some bait and switch deal. We can say it’s not, but the internet never believes anyone. Help a Woot out, OK?




What are the differences between Tote 1.0 and 2.0?

you’ll have to buy it and find out!

or, i can just tell you but you have to promise not to tell anyone

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c’est un chat de singe différent

Cela seul vaut la peine de charger plus que la première fois.

VOUS SAVEZ que les gens paieraient cela.

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The Exercise Balls seem to have mistakenly gone live at midnight.

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oui mais woot est mauvais pour gagner de l’argent

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oh dear. thanks. fixing.

Was I not supposed to buy it? Lol, whoops.

Peut-être que s’il y avait des choses que je voulais…



Want to beak the other items so that they are “accidentally” live now?

It would free up some of my time later.



Go figure…I had to be sleeping at midnight :man_facepalming:

Hmm do I need 2.0?


I sorta want it.

But it’ll never be as cool as the original.

Or, as exclusive.

@davejlives Is 2.0 haunted or possesed by the spirit of the guy who invented bidets?


Now I need to play Monopoly…


I never got 1.0. Is it worth trying? I don’t deal with frustration well these days.


It was worth the $3. I do use mine because it’s nice and roomy. I would pay $5 but not $7.

For $6 I would need the bag autographed.