Wyze Lock

Wyze Lock

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I don’t understand why there isn’t more chatter about this excellent value. I have two of these, and they are perhaps the most solid and dependable items that make up my “smart home.”

  • Easy to install
  • Can use your current key
  • Great app with schedules, rules
  • Batteries last long, easy to change
  • “Alexa, [insert command here]”

The price for these units makes them an astounding value! You’d pay $130 or more for “new” units. No other truly “smart” locks are in the sub-$100 category.

Sad. I bought it new on prime day for like 89.99 or something crazy low but i would’ve paid 75 instead lol

Mine came still registered to the last user so I have to send it back.

Such is a risk purchasing any “refurbished” or used item online. I had issues with 2 Amazon Echo items I got here (all Dot v2) but exceptional experience with 4 other Echo items. Those items looked an performed like new.

I think that’s just part of the small risk you take. Luckily, as you learned, Woot is good about swiftly resolving issues such as you described. Sometimes, though, a replacement is out of the question because of inventory.

Well, your Prime Days purchase at least gave you a full warranty for the product. Although if your lock is already working fine, odds are it will continue to perform okay. I have found that the biggest issue for “amateur locksmiths” is getting the bolt properly aligned with the hole in the doorway and then making certain the door properly closes so that the deadbolt doesn’t get jammed.