Xact Sirius Satellite Radio Bundle

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Pretty cool… but ehhh…

I MUCH rather see a Bag 0 Crap!!!

TILT-O-WOOT™ - Coming to an amusement park near you! :slight_smile: C’mon… you know you would ride it.

Yeppers… last night proves again… that woot can sell ANYTHING… not that it was a bad product… just didn’t think they could unload 3000 of them! OK… time for a good one now!!

Xact Sirius Satellite Radio Bundle

You know what would go great with this? 50 FREE MP3 downloads!! That’s right 50 FREE MP3 downloads with NO CATCH!!

Link for 50 FREE MP3 downloads


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Looks like a whole lotta commercial-free satellite fun. Too rich for my wallet though.

Great woot tonight. Finally…

I’ve used this and it’s great! Yummy! The memory stores about 6-10 seconds so you can go under bridges and the sound keeps playing. If you have a moonroof, you can put this under the window but above the shade and no one can mess with the antenna. At Christmas they play constant, commercial free music. You can tune it to the channel that corresponds to the decade you were in when you were 13 (or not) and listen to that.

On a recent road trip, we listened to the “vacation” channel and had a blast singing along. The miles melted away. If you live in the mountains, you don’t have your music cutting out on every hill you cross.

Quality is dependent on your sound system. The FM transmitter works from 50-150 feet away, depending upon whether there’s a radio on that frequency or not. Better quality (no interference) can be had wiring the output to the input of your radio.

The “boom box” accessory cost as much as this deal when I bought one last year, so the radio is like, free. This is a terrific buy.

Sirius has three satellites versus XM’s two satellites. That third satellite is in a geosynchronus orbit centered on the middle of the continental US, so reception is great there. It’s also great on the west coast. I haven’t personally tried it on the east coast yet, but I heard it’s just as good on the east coast as the west coast.

The tech support people are great, and unlike XM, Sirius sales personnel are available 24 hours a day.

You can also put this radio in the house and play radios in rooms around the house, the pool, the patio, your neighbor’s house, etc. Also, if you’re stopped at a light and a car pulls up next to you with its bass boomin from a radio station you recognize, you can tune this baby to that station freq (if it’s within the tuner’s range) and do a little RF jammin on your homey.

Sorry to get long winded, but I’m thinkin this is the future. If you ask me why you should pay a monthly fee to listen to the radio when you can listen to “free” radio stations, I’ll ask you if you pay a monthly fee to watch TV when there’s probably some free TV you can watch. However, if you like your music commercial free, if you like variety, good quality sound, and good reception, this is a good alternative.

A little birdie told me that Sirius will have satellite dvd very soon. They are going to concentrate initially on kiddie cartoons. Their demographic studies show that’s the largest population to affect: soccer mom’s and vacationing families. It will be a cheap price to pay for uninterrupted peace in the car.

I agree, tastes great.

Cool, I’m in…maybe…not…

Eww… I’ll stick with my MyFi and free XM :slight_smile:

OUCH; I will regret staying up for this in the morning :frowning:

Nice if it were for XM, Sirius sucks :slight_smile:

Pretty nice w00t tonight. To bad a just bought a receiver from Wal-fart for 20 bucks. If I hadn’t, I’d jummp on this! Happy papa day!

Bummer, could use a Woot off this weekend.

Sweet deal!!

[size=18:fc971461ea]$99 after the rebate, but there’s also a $20 rebate on the boombox from the manufacturer that you can find here: [/size:fc971461ea]


It should work since the $50 rebate is from Sirius and the $20 rebate is from Xact. One uses the UPC code off the receiver while one uses the UPC code off the boombox.

[size=18:fc971461ea]So really you’re looking at $79.99 AR - which is an awesome deal. I’m in for one![/size:fc971461ea]

Does this include a years subsription to sat. radio? :roll:

i want a BOC!