Xact XG2500 2.4Ghz Cordless Headset Phone

If I could get this by Christmas I’d buy it for my mother.

phith58 in Tennesse - Do you know if these work well? Ever tried one?

This may not be the best purchase for wifi users, as 2.4 Ghz cordless phones are known to interfere with wireless networks. That’s what killed it for me.

you know, i was just thinkin i didnt look like enough of a tool walkin around the house…

Anyone have a picture of that with someone else so I can put it to scale.

I can’t decide if that thing is really tiny with tiny buttons or if is a huge phone that will be hanging from someone’s head.

Hmmm. Overall, only 60 out of a possible 100 points from the Alatest reviewers…

ok, I dont get it. Can this be used along with my land line phone?

yes, it’s an all in one headset/cordless phone for land lines


reviews at amazon and wikiproduct rate about 60% … people like the size, no complaints on the sound quality…short battery life, and mic rubbing on face seem to be the cons… $49.99 at crutchfield

Thanks. So it will work with my exsisting land line phone? But as a hands free headset.

I think what it is … a cordless land line phone .

yes…the base is plugged in like a normal cordless, and you charge the headset on the base.

Thanks! I get it now. My “Tech know it all” boys aren’t here to ask.

Welcome :slight_smile:

only one star at
Also at amazon, this thing’s battery is bad!!!

The have a picture of someone wearing this phone on this website…


It looks sick. I hate to hold the phone. I got one , Hope its good

Possibly the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen on Woot!