Xonix 256MB MP3 USB Watch


Welcome to the Woot-off item # topic page for this product on Black Friday 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Xonix MP3 USB Watch here…


Woot needs to touch up a bit on its RSS.


SECOND! w00t!!! :slight_smile:

Looks like a nice watch. I’d like to receive one as a gift. :slight_smile:


Thanks woot for the great Black Friday…

Could have lived without the phones, the speakers will be nice!

[size=18:8fb7ec4cfb]Please get more of the airplanes, they looked like a cool $15 toy![/size:8fb7ec4cfb]




WOOT OFF ITEM # ??? :shock:


First page?




My Woot Cherry! :smiley:


maybe tommorow!
update to those interested:
[/size:ffb2193607] i actually got that free $275 cash paypal through the website www.freeo.tk
woulda got an iPod but i already have an MP3!

the site was posted over a week ago, i gave it a shot and hell, im not complaining (i did the free dvr one);][size=18:ffb2193607][/size:ffb2193607]


not this again…i stayed up till 1am for this?!


I already have the 128 MB watch. This woot blows goats for me. It’s a great watch though – it’s gonna come in handy when I shovel snow.


expensive crap.








So, why do I still see a stoopid robot?



page 1 maybe?>


Xonix 256MB MP3 USB Watch - 99.9 :roll: :roll: :roll: :wink:


kinda cool.