xPlore CL920 10.1" 64GB Ruggedized Tablet

xPlore CL920 10.1" 64GB Ruggedized Tablet

If Im reading the website correctly these things retail starting at $1500
so I guess If you like bragging that you bought your 2yo a drool prrof tablet, its well worth the investment.
otherwise a win10 device w/ 64GB of storage is ,imho, a brain hemorrhage waiting to happen

It’s less about the storage and more about RAM. Win10 isn’t super happy with 4GB. I mean it’s better with it than Win7, but still. There’s an even bigger issue with this product. It’s a 4 year old tablet with no support from the manufacturer. It is very much End of Life. $400 for a 4 year old tablet w/o support isn’t a gamble I’m willing to take.

Specs - https://www.xploretech.com/downloads/Marketing_Brochures/CL920/Motion_CL920_ruggedpcreview.pdf

EOL annoucement - https://support.xploretech.com/us/support/products/legacy-products/

See Ive never looked to a Manufacturer for support on tablets, I alwayus look to the community. But my wife bought me a Dell 13" laptop for my writing last fathers day and for a few weeks it was HEAVEN. Its fast its quick, its quietist light and w/ the size SSD installed there isn’t enough room to allow windows to perform the FIRST security update (there have been about 6 since then). NOw the did FINALLY release a step by step (11 PAGES LONG) How To that essentially strps the computer back to ZERO and allows you to rebuild ONLY what you need. That is in NO way acceptable to the average hum,an