XtremePro 4K Cam Bundle w/ Wrist Remote

XtremePro 4K Cam Bundle w/ Wrist Remote

Anyone ever bought one of these? I’m curious how the picture quality stacks up to a go pro…

I have with a similar brand. For occasional video, home video, vacation video they are good enough. Plus if you loose them you didn’t just shell out 10X the $ for essentially the same product. Oh and all the accessories they include, gopro does not.

I bought these a few years ago and gave them away as gifts. Their user instructions are pretty vague written by a foreigner using English translation. I installed the phone app and was able to communicate with the camera. Didn’t see great video and photo quality but what do you expect with a $40 fake Go-Pro

Yeah there’s a bunch of these Go-Pro knock offs. In my opinion they are awesome for the price. I can’t speak to this specific model, I don’t remember which brand I have.

I’m like most people these days that just use their phone as their camera, so I don’t bring an actual camera on trips anymore. Last summer I was going to Hawaii and I looked into just getting a few of those waterproof disposable cameras for beach activities. I quickly realized that including having the film developed, for the cost I might as well just get one of these Go-Pro knock offs. I freaking love it. I used it snorkeling, surfing, sightseeing. And since I’ve put a mount on my motorcycle helmet and it’s worked great for that too. I’ve never used a real Go-Pro to compare, but for 10 times the price I can’t imagine they are THAT much better. I suspect it’s all marketing making people think they are worth it.

I bought this one before. These are pretty good for the price but it definitely does not capture motion as well as the go-pro models I’ve seen. It also struggles with bright lights.

I ruined mine by putting it into a rather high temperature environment (not normal temps - more the temperature ranges that tend to cause mild-to-severe cases of death in people). It actually still works, but the power button is melted, the case is somewhat distorted, and the battery life is down to about 30 seconds. Image quality is still good for the price though!

I’m actually terrified of the situation you put yours in…

To be honest I mostly wanted this to take pictures and video snorkeling/diving. I got a new phone that lifeproof doesn’t make a case for, so even though the phone itself is water resistant I don’t want to risk it without a “water tight” case as well. I had an old Panasonic underwater camera I was given by a family member, but it was only rated to 10’ and after the second snorkel trip it crapped out completely. Pictures I salvaged from its memory card were fantastic though!