Yale Assure Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt

Yale Assure Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt

It is cheaper on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Yale-Assure-Touchscreen-Keypad-YRD226NR619/dp/B06XX2VHHY


Well drat. We’ve lowered the price to $149.99. Take that!

It’s still (slightly) cheaper on Amazon. And even if it were the same, isn’t the entire point of coming to this site to get deals? If there’s no deal, there’s no point coming here. Your write-ups are funny, but not that funny. It’s like restaurants that put “today’s special” up on a chalkboard and then don’t make it any cheaper. So then the only thing that makes it special is that you want to sell it more, but not enough to discount it?

Concerning the product itself, motorized deadbolt seems like a feature that’s more cool than sensible. ( Unless you have debilitating arthritis or something.) Won’t that just make the battery run out a lot quicker than one that just makes the deadbolt turnable for a short time (like my current dumb electronic lock). Also seems less safe, since after it motors open it would stay unbolted until closed rather than automatically reverting to locked in a few seconds. Not really in the market for a smart lock (if I want to let someone in I can just give them the code and change it later), but if I were think I’d avoid a motorized bolt.

Sorry to be Mr. Critical, but call em as I see 'em. Or maybe it’s just that it’s Monday. Speaking of which, I should really do some work.

I hear your point. I will say that I have the keypad version of this (i.e. it’s not a touch screen - it has buttons) that came with my Digital Life system and I love it. The 4-AA batteries have a pretty reasonable lifespan; I’d say I replaced the batteries roughly annually and that was with probably about 5-10 uses per day. When I moved house three years ago and didn’t take the Digital Life system with me, I ended up buying the z-wave version of this because I liked it that much.

Make sure you’re looking at the right model. This is the one we’re selling:


The $149 version on Amazon isn’t the smart one. I guess it’s stupid.

Is the price $149 still or did you put it back to $169?

This is the $149 one on Amazon. We are not selling that version. It is the non-smart version.

This is the one we are selling as it appears on Amazon:

We did not raise the price of the one we’re selling on Woot. It’s still $149.