Yamaha 3100-PSI Electric Start Pressure Washer

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Yamaha 3100-PSI Electric Start Pressure Washer
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Not the best track record of these coming from home depot at least…

Powerstroke Subaru 3100 PSI Electric Start Pressure Washer Battery Reconditioned https://g.co/kgs/FF9p9e

I’ve been looking for one of these for my 70yo father. The electric start is especially attractive.

Anyone have first hand knowledge?

I don’t have first hand knowledge, but I will say this. The reviews from Home Depot you mentioned are for the model using a Subaru engine, which apparently did have a lot of problems with the carburetor. However, this model (if the description is accurate) uses the Yamaha engine, which is supposed to be very reliable.

I’m debating on this as well because of the easy electric start. But, I think I will see if anyone posts with some first hand knowledge/reviews. Plus, I’m a bit leery on buying refurbished products with motors.

If you need more reviews, Costco has apparently the same unit (same picture of skid steer) with 87 reviews on their site, average 3.8/5. $299 new, FYI. Of the reviews, 1/4 were low with main complaints carburator / choke issues out of the box, inability to start, arrived broken, inconvenience of changing battery plug from charge to start, and connection location for hose.

I have the one from Home Depot and have not had any issues with the carburator or otherwise. The only small issue is that the engine races a bit under idle, and I think this might be related to a spring that controls the throttle that is a bit too springy (sorry I am not an engine guy). When at full throttle when washing, it doesn’t race or throttle bounce. The Subie engine is strong and this washer is a workhorse. I have used it for 8 to 10 full days per year, since purchase 4 or 5 years ago. Its built well, and does a nice job. I think mine is basically a homelite washer with a Subaru engine. The engine, on its own, at the time, got stellar reviews–I did research before purchasing.

I have this model with the Subaru engine. No issues so far. Bought it last year and cleaned everything I could. House, deck, driveway, etc.

When I finish a day of use I always turn the fuel valve to off and let the motor run until it dies. This gets the gas out of the carb before it goes back into storage.

I would recommend charging the battery fully before trying to start. Mine was a refurb and the battery had very little charge when I received it.

I know someone at the factory that assembles these and he put me in contact with the QA engineer for this line. QA engineer stated this was a decent machine. There was another he stated was better, but I was not able to get the other model. Purchased this model from the factory store on special for $199. Definitely worth it for me at that price.

About 2 years ago I told my son to get a job. He said “But Dad I’m only 14 nobodies going to hire me”. “Well you better make a job then”.

So that’s when he decided to go into the Pressure Washing business. His scrawny little behind couldn’t possibly work a pull start rig so he saved all his pennies and we stumbled across the electric start Subaru Version of this Washer here.

Now he’s the envy of all his friends cause he’s rocking fat stacks. This thing has been perfect for him. Coupled with a surface cleaner he knocks out 3 or 4 driveways a day and has $100 in his pocket by noon.

His rig has been running like a champ for over a year straight. One day it died because he didn’t notice the oil had burned all up. I thought for sure the engine was destroyed. Nope we let it cool down, refilled the oil and it started right back up and that was almost a year ago.

I realize this is the Yamaha version but if its anything like the Subaru model (and it looks to be the exact same even the same 3100 psi) my son and my wallet highly recommend it for any young entrepreneur.

Engine is one thing, but what pump is in it, as that is the most important feature?

Ok, found it on Powerstrokes website, Axial Cam Aluminum Pump. Well at least it’s axial cam, but only aluminum, brass is better.

I don’t have this one, but in three years I’ve had two gas engine power washer. One was a Honda and the other from Home Depot. The two gas engines were never the problem, it was the pumps that kept going out.

I have an electric one from Costco price is right and has been working fine. Figured that if the pump goes out again on me it would be a less painful to replace it. Just A Thought.

This one is rated first place in one review:

10 Best Electric Start Power Washers

I’m a bit leery about it being refurbished but the only other refurbished item I bought off Woot earlier this year was a Yamaha receiver. It looked brand new out of the box and works great.

Hmm…decisions, decisions. I have an electric power washer, which has a max psi of 2030 and a 1.76 GPM rating. This one says 2.4 GPM. When comparing gas powered washers on another site, one other brand that was around the same price as a new one of these on Amazon had a 2.5 GPM rating.

Edit (4 hours later): OK, I talked myself into it - I just bought one.

I went through two of the Subaru engined version in a year. The first had the common issue where the carb leaked gas and the second randomly ejected a bolt off the pump housing while in use and then leaked most of it’s oil out. I now have the Yamaha engine version but haven’t yet used it.

The only reason I’m willing to give it a third try is because I bought them from Costco who happily accepts returns when they fail. I think I’d pass on this from anyone else.

That said, before they failed they both worked great. They have a nice feature set for the price point.

Recently purchased from Costco, starts easy and runs fine. I’ve probably got four or five hours on it. I was initially impressed with the electric start, but soon realized it’s kind of not worth it. First it has a tiny battery with a trickle charger that is a pain to plug in. It’s Low in the front and you need to get on your hands and knees to line it up and wiggle it in. Then, it has enough juice for one, maybe two starts before it’s drained. I don’t bother with it since it starts easy for me with one or two pulls, even when hot. That being said, I like mine would have rather saved a few bucks, without the gimmicky start.

You could always put a battery tender lead on the battery and just keep it plugged into a Battery Tender Junior when it is not in use. Yuasa also makes a good trickle charger in addition to the Battery Tender brand.

  • The unit was missing a crucial part (spray wand);
  • The frame was seriously bend;
  • It was branded Subaru, not Yamaha;

The packaging was a joke. The unit just sat in a plastic bag in an oversized box with no padding whatsoever.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Note though that it’s a Yamaha 189cc Commercial Grade Engine with Electric Start. Not Yamaha branded.