Yamaha 7.2 ch 4K Atmos DTS Receiver

Yamaha 7.2 ch 4K Atmos DTS Receiver

Voltage selector is available in this model? please advise me anyone. thanks

I bought this model on Woot! in April. Two weeks ago it started shutting itself off after about 1 second. It is now at the service center awaiting repair. When it did work it was a very nice receiver. I like that it up converts the analog formats to HDMI; even in pass-thru mode. It has very flexible set-up to tailor the sound to your liking including separate EQ for each speaker. Some features are buried deep within the menus and take a while to find.

This is a great question. According to the manual the 110/220 switch is only on Taiwan, Brazil and General models only. The next question you may ask is what the hell is a general model? Well that’s not an easy answer. So I found some stuff in this forum https://www.avforums.com/threads/us-vs-uk-av-receivers-yamaha-rx-v1700-2700.504333/ where someone mentions this: As a general rule models for a specific country do not have a voltage adjustment. The General model does, but that will not be sold in large market areas like the US. So it looks like the “General model” is a small market model. So if woot is selling the USA model today, it won’t have the switch, but if somehow woot is clearancing the “general model” then it will have a switch. If it did have a switch it would be located on the back near where the cord comes out, but you can’t go by woot photos because those are just marketing photos. Basically someone from woot would need to confirm if the switch is on there or not on the inventory they currently stock.

Purchased this in July. It was 110 volts only.

So the Woot! discussion platform has been updated. Cool. Maybe. I can’t find any old discussions of this receiver from former Woot offers. Anyone?

Here’s an old one, but the discussion is MIA.


Update: Apparently it’s Coming Soon. Unfortunate timing, but so it goes.

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Hi @rowdyred94: The old posts will be returning over the next few days. 14+ years of stuff to convert and move. It takes a bit.

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Woot! Some serious errors in the explanations and in the tech specs. This receiver clearly has 2 HDMI OUTputs and 5 Inputs when you look at the picture. This is kinda a big deal. Also, nothing really explains about the fact that it has 2 subwoofer outputs or how those work. Stuff I just noticed glancing over things.

6-in, 1-out HDMI with 4K Ultra HD pass-through and upscaling, plus Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision™