Yamaha 7.2-channel Network AV Receiver

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Yamaha 7.2-channel Network AV Receiver
Price: $224.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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No turntable input? That’s a deal breaker! Sorry Woot!

And no floppy drive!

I see the specs say this supports YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer) tuning but it doesn’t mention if the sale includes the mic.

Does this sale include the YPAO mic, as indicated in the pictures?

It’s the 4th item listed in “In the box”.

Check the Specs tab, at the bottom indicates what is ‘in the box’ shows the mic is included…thanks!

I got one of these a few weeks ago from Woot, same price. I’m very happy with this receiver, it was easy to set up even without using their setup app, excellent sound, and enough features in the AV controller app to be able to use an iPhone as a remote. As a reconditioned product it had slight cosmetic blemishes on the face and knob, but nothing worth complaining about. Good value at this price.

Not Tech savvy here…I just moved into a house that has speakers in the ceiling and all the wires come out in a nook. I would like to play music and TV through the ceiling speakers.

  1. Will this work?
  2. The TV is a distance from where the wires and this unit would be…do I need to run a hard wire or can this Bluetooth somehow from TV to this unit?


  1. Yes, this should work. Something to consider, however, is the positioning of the ceiling speakers. How many do you have? Are they oriented in a traditional “surround”
    placement regarding your seating position with the TV? (ex: center channel, 2 front channels, 2 side channels and 2 rear channels), Without looking, I’m not sure if this receiver could play all 7 ceiling speakers simultaneously like a traditional whole-home audio system would. Generally, you’ll either having it using the speakers as surround sound or you’ll just have two (stereo) channels playing the main audio. This system has the Zone B stuff that could help if you just want music on multiple speakers. Again, that depends on where the speakers are located in the house/room.
  2. You could probably do bluetooth with a transmitter from the TV (assuming TV does not have built-in Bluetooth). I would not recommend this if you’re looking for reliable, quality sound, however. My preference would be to run either an HDMI cable, Optical cable, or Coaxial audio cable from your TV to the Receiver. The choice would depend on how far the nook is from the TV placement and what audio output types your TV has.

In short, it should work, but a lot depends on other factors regarding existing speakers, TV, and distance of everything.

Thanks bsmith…sounds like it will work. I have a rectangle room layout with 4 speakers in the ceiling 2 front 2 rear which go to a nook on the left side. TV is just right of center. Would probably need 20’ of cable to run through wall to the receiver if that can even be done.

I was lucky with my basement. Similar setup, 3 speakers in front wall, 4 in ceiling with wires going to nook under the stairs on opposite wall of TV. It was a drop ceiling, so it was pretty easy for me to pull 50 ft HDMI cable and optical cable from the TV wall over to the nook. (surprisingly no issue with non-powered HDMI cable that long)
Buy a cheap fish tape to help guide wires if you’re going through/over walls. Although if you’re going along the wall (through studs) that could get tricky. Might be able to go into ceiling (attic?) then down into nook. Otherwise, you could always hide it along the baseboard or under the carpet if it’s carpeted.

Edit: also something to consider: this unit has the HDMI output, so it can act like your “switch” to change between different components for the TV. In other words, if you have a cable box, gaming console, streaming box, etc… you might be able to hide those in the nook as well and have a single HDMI cable running to the TV to transfer the video signal from the receiver’s output to the tv.

Another great feature is internet radio. Set up channels/stations at webpage http://yradio.vtuner.com

No or few commercials from around the world by genre. Nice!

Depending where those speakers are in the ceiling, you should be able to figure out where the tv used to be. That’s probably what will work best.

Can this unit play over my Paradigm Wi-Fi speakers using DTS Play-Fi format? It sounds doubtful when reading the specs. Wanted to see if anyone knows for sure. Thanks

Do what I did and get a reasonably priced preamp

Yea, I’m an idiot and missed that :-(. Thanks fuzzbox!

Thanks for the tips. Very helpful.

A few things.

  1. A 4 speaker set up would not provide optimal sound for a TV. You’ll miss a lot of detail in movies especially. Surround sound just isn’t designed to come from the ceiling only.

  2. It’s probably overkill for some small ceiling speakers. A small $40 4 channel amp would power those ceiling speakers just as good. This receiver has a ton of features you really wouldn’t be using with 4 in ceiling speakers.

  3. The ceiling speakers would be very nice for ambient listening of music. Like just to have some tunes on while you hang out. Again, a smaller amp would work just as well for this.