Yamaha TSR-7850R 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver

Yamaha TSR-7850R 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver

Does it have the 120v - 220v switch

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Looked at mine…Older model…It has 120/240 switch with that standard male computer desktop plug interface…Which means you would have to buy your 240 / European cable…But it does have the switch for the power supply…

Picked this up a few offers ago for $259. It is A LOT of receiver for the money. Using it for outdoor audio with multiple zones / multiple inputs. App is pretty strong, sounds great. The 4K pass through makes my Xfinity look a lot better. I give it a strong recommendation, which is rare for woot these days, at least the product, I didn’t research if it was a good price.

Does this support digital audio sources such as HDMI without using party mode to zone 2?

Can the feet be removed? I need a 1/4 inch less height to fit my rack.

This is the one that’s sold at Costco. The current sale price is $439.99 which is what I paid for one. It’s an excellent receiver.

No HDMI on ZONE 2 but you can use Optical and Digital inputs. That’s how I have my SONOS Connect hooked into now.

I think they are screwed on but not sure I’d want to do that. The receiver can get pretty hot and if you are low on clearances you would block the the airflow it needs to keep itself cool.


I read an Amazon review that stated that it’s not true 7.2 since the user couldn’t get Dolby DTS coming out of rear surround speakers. The rear surround sound is extremely important to me. How true is this comment and if false, any idea why the reviewer had such an experience?

Yes, I did the exact same thing … the feet are about about 1", and simply screw off. I added different feet that were about 1/2" so it would fit where it needed to go. Excellent receiver and a great deal.

No idea what that person was talking about. This is a true 7.2 channel receiver. Also, Dolby and DTS are 2 different codecs. You should have zero problems getting 7 speakers to work on here, incl the rear surrounds. 7.2 means it has 7 channels for speakers, be it 5 surround and 2 height or 7 surround speakers (Center, FL, FR, SL, SR, SBL, SBR) and the “.2” in 7.2 means that it can power 2 subs. 7.1 would be only 1 subwoofer

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Does anyone know whether the TSR comes with a warranty and if so how long?

Rats! While I was trying to figure out how to ask my wife on Mother’s Day if I could buy this for me, they sold out!

I bought one the last time it showed up on Woot. It does not have the switch. I presumed Autoswitch, but the Quick Start Guide specs page states, “Power Supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz; Power Consumption: 400 W”

Well, I see that the Receivers are sold out this wave, but they show up often and hopefully the comments carry forward.

I have bought two so far and athough they hype Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the RP-SMA antennas required for any kind of reception are not included. It is not very expensive to get a couple of 2dBi sticks, but disappointing that I had to find out after opening the box and wait even longer to set up the system

I didn’t realize you needed antennas just to use the Bluetooth and WiFi? Any suggestions on what antennas to buy?

I watched several unboxing videos and they show the antennas included

It doesn’t list that they are included.

Only the am and fm antennas not the WiFi antennas.