YETI Hopper Two 20 Portable Cooler


Yeti is way overpriced!! This cooler from Amazon is so much better and less than half the cost of the Yeti.


Yeti…even on sale they’re incredibly overpriced. It’s a cooler, not a lifestyle.

Nice purse.

Go with RTIC. Almost half the price and they actually carry a longer warranty. There is a reason Yeti tried to sue them – Yeti is scared of them because they provide a better product at a lower price.

If a person can afford to buy a Yeti, then why is that bad?

If you consider it a nice, large designer purse, it is incredibly cheap! The fact it is also very well insulated is just a bonus.

Rtic used to offer a 5 year but now only a 1 year warranty.

There is a term used to describe people who put YETI stickers on their vehicle.

This is not a term I coined.

YETI coolers for everyone!!*

*who can afford them

I came here for the comments…Proceed

Let me add my 2 cents.


There, now i feel better.

IKR? I love Yeti cooler discussions.

As much as I loathe the idea of spending 500 dollars or more on a polyform molded cooler, I can see the need for it when going on extended fishing and hunting trips when you are going to be away from civilization for a couple of days and you are carrying freshly killed critters that immediately start spoiling as soon as you pull the trigger or hook the fish. But there is no way in heck I could talk myself into the idea of spending nearly 200 bucks on a softside cooler that holds 16 drinks when I can get something that will do a decent job for 20.

The reason Yeti sued them was because of patent and trademark infringement. I’ll buy Yeti and stick with the original and I live in Austin anyways lol.

Made in the USA and one third the price

Someone in a previous Woot thread described Yeti as “Louis Vuitton for rednecks” and it stuck with me.

I approve this message. I have 2 of these.