YETI Rambler 36oz Bottle

There is a series of YETI tumblers and bottles being Chinese knock offs. Amazon has even pulled some frokm sales under investigation. True YETI is laser etched on the bottom. Not saying this is a knock off, just be aware. No complaints on the 32oz bottle from the mother ship yet.

They are not knockoffs.

so this is the “real” YETI Rambler bottle? for $33…
I swear it looks just like the 36oz “knock off” I just bought for $12 on Easybay…oh and I got a bottle sleeve with a handle for free, free shipping too. When it came I knew it wasn’t a “real” YETI bottle because the name on the bottle was just a sticker that washed off the 1st time I cleaned it…but it’s insulated and keeps my 32oz Gatoraid cold for hours.
…butt then again I ain’t been much of one for all that status symbol crud.

Keeps coffee acceptably hot for at least five hours. Not that great for pouring from but that’s not what it’s designed for. I got mine, used, from Goodwill for $1.42 after my Senior Citizen’s 25% discount.

It’s hard to take the high ground when you’re knowingly supporting counterfeits, trademark infringement, intellectual property violations, etc.

Bought one from your last sale and love it.
Yea Yeti

I had a Kleen Kanteen that I loved, but the cap developed a mildew smell that I could not get rid of. Anyone know how these fare in that regard?

This seems like a lot to pay for a water bottle… what makes it worth the price? I recently got a stainless steel vacuum bottle from walmart for around $12 and it seems to do a great job keeping ice cream shakes cool without sweating up the container.