YETI Tundra Coolers

YETI Tundra Coolers

Pretty solid price, Woot. Take a bow.

Of course Woot, I just bought a Tundra 45 over the holiday weekend!


Does any one have one? do they keep things hot as well as cold? I have seen mixed reviews on Amazon

Have you tried searching for reviews, by sites not associated with a cooler brand? They are not the only great cooler company, but usually the most expensive, and very high quality. I personally have no need for the extreme level they provide, and have found another brand that is very good, and much less money. Not an ad, but the one I liked and am satisfied with is the Lifetime 55 quart, for about $110. I just use a cooler to travel a good part of a day with my car, and it is excellent at ice retention.

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Just to be clear, the Yeti 35 can hold 28 quarts, the Yeti 45 can hold 37 quarts, and the Yeti 65 can hold 52 quarts (per

Yeti and Dicks jumped on the [insert item here] bandwagon so I jumped off the Yeti and Dicks bandwagon. They make a good product, but good coolers aren’t hard to find for much less money.

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for the warranty on this cooler-YOU need to be an authorized dealer…Are you?

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Is woot considered an “authorized dealer”? Warranty seems worthless otherwise.

Note - The only higher priced cooler I own is a Yeti. All my others are cheap.

I have a Yeti 65 (gift) and it’s a pretty dang good cooler. I’m cheap and would not have purchased it for myself, but I’m very happy with it. This passed week, over the 4th of July holiday, it sat outside, portions of the day in the shade and portions in the sun, for 4 days holding drinks and on the 4th day there was still some ice left in it. It did very well keeping cold even with repeated opening and closing. If you are looking for a cooler that needs to keep things cold for multiple days, at this price, this is a very good option. It’s almost unheard of to see a sale on Yeti’s.

When we go camping we will put our ice in the yeti and food/drinks in other coolers. We only open the yeti to transfer ice into the other coolers as needed and it will hold ice frozen for at least a week. That’s the longest we’ve needed it to.

With that being said, if you don’t need something to keep ice for a long time there are probably many other cheaper coolers that do just fine. Walmart’s version of the Yeti, the Ozark Trail line, looks to be well made and is cheaper. The 60-quart option is $50 cheaper than this INCREDIBLE yeti price. (Again, sales on Yeti are almost unheard of.) And this Ozark Trail comes with wheels. That’s HUGE. These coolers are SOOOO heavy once they’re loaded they’re almost impossible to move with one person. Starting weight for the yeti 65 if 29 lbs and with the 42 cans of beer it can hold it adds another 31.5 lbs. 60lbs isn’t a lot of weight for most adult men but a large cooler is an awkward beast to be lugging around.

I own a 45-quart rotomolded cooler that is not a Yeti. With apologies to all the Yeti superfans out there, there are more than a few competitors with the same build quality out there for much less. The caveat being that you have to know what to look for in order to get one that will do what the Yeti can do. You need the same type of construction with heavy walls and thick insulation, a one-piece seal of the proper design, good hinges, latches and drains. If you don’t have at least all of these features then you might just as well use a cooler made of styrofoam, but Yeti isn’t the only one that has them.

Here is the 45-quart Vibe I purchased from the mothership for $169 on sale (regular price $199): There are several others of similar or identical construction at this price point.

I will give Yeti credit for being the first in the rotomolded market segment (which allowed them to set the price point so high) but the only reason why the Tundra 45 isn’t still $400 is because of this competition. The Yeti is good but they are not unique (at least not any more, that is!)

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I also bought the Vibe cooler (i got the wheeled one)…fantastic cooler!!!

How much was the 65?