Yost 750-E Rotating Bench Vise

What is the the difference between a 5” jaw opening vs. a 3” pipe jaw capacity?

This looks like a great deal… tired of slicing my fingers because “I just need to hold it for a second”.

This price is also in Harbor Freight territory… https://www.harborfreight.com/5-in-multi-purpose-vise-61163.html

The whole jaw flips upside-down and what’s shown in the picture on the bottom (the serrated part,) is what grabs the pipe.
Also if it’s capable of actually holding 3" pipe (not 3" OD pipe,) that means it can hold something round (tube, pipe, cylinder,) that’s 3.5" outer diameter as pipe sizes are based on nominal inside diameter.

Regarding the 5" jaw opening but only 3" pipe capacity, the throat depth looks to be the limiting factor.

Reviews are pretty solid on this. If I didn’t already have a bench vise (a 100+ year old Athol), I’d be in for one.

I swear Woot! is reading my mind. For the longest I’ve been struggling with those cheap clamps you can buy in a variety of sizes set. This one is listed everywhere for well over $100 mostly around the $128 range. Couldn’t pass this one up and it’s American Made.