You Can Hide It Flasks

Yes, if there’s anything less conspicuous than a person sipping out of a flask, it’s obviously a person drinking the contents of some blue ice or a bottle of insect repellant.

Really, though, nothing will top the Cool Baby.

No different than me getting a empty hair spray bottle and filling it with my own booze.

Except that it would be hard to get the taste of that hairspray completely out of the plastic. Lots of awful stories on cruise ship message boards about trying that with sunscreen bottles.

For sporting events, the more realistic option would be a fake sunscreen bottle. Guys aren’t bringing in hairspray to games… And washing out a sunscreen bottle and completely ridding it of that taste is nearly impossible. I’ve tried!

This is why I psyche people out and just carry around a bottle of Jack Daniels. Everybody just assumes it’s hairspray.


I have done this and you cannot get the taste of the hairspray out. I had soaked the bottle in soap and water for at least a week. Blech! I still shed a tear over the vodka wasted that day.

I will honestly say from past experience… I have tried to sneak a sunscreen flask into sasquath festival in seattle area (royal Gorge). The new music police are like booze and herb swat team aka live nation staff… I can write a 2 page article about those bastards.Anyway…they are on to the sneaking in in conspicuous containers. Trust me…strap it to your back via duck tape…if possible get it taped to the inside of your thigh…lol …true story

put a balloon inside the bottle as a liner.

I think woot needs a link to Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous

For me, I just pregame and postgame. What happens in the middle is just a blur of why I spent money on tickets.