Yukon Outfitters Alpha Backpack

I bought two of these 4 years ago and they’re amazing. One tore out a seam carrying 5 textbooks at a time for a year straight and Yukon Outfitters replaced it for free.

Laptop pocket fits a Macbook Pro 15" laptop without any issues.
I routinely carry 40lbs in them and they hold up great. The pocket set up is phenomenal, very easy to use.
I’ve used it for multiple fishing trips, hikes including Iwo Jima and countless trips for carrying everything from books, to hiking gear to baby supplies to water.
My black one is fading and still smells like fish from my last fishing trip so I’m in for a replacement. Can’t beat the price!

Nevermind, they can’t ship to APO addresses. I guess I’ll wait to replace the fishy one until I get back stateside next summer.

Not really a deal at this price. I bought one in storm grey back when they were 29.99, but after tax and shipping this works out to almost $50.
To expensive for a “deal”.

$14.99 on Jun 23 - delivered for $21.64… definitely agree it’s not much of a deal - just wish I had bought a couple, It’s an excellent bag. I would say it’s a good value even at $39.99.