Z-Cyber Air-Wave FM Transmitter


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Too bad it’s not a midnight w00t, but I won’t complain!

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Z-Cyber Air-Wave FM Transmitter
Broadcast your own tunes over any FM radio
$9.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Cut the wires - Z-Cyber’s Air-Wave wirelessly broadcasts your MP3 player’s tunes to any nearby FM radio. Find a frequency on the FM dial with no station, select the same frequency on the Air-Wave, and play your music—it’s that simple.

It works with MP3 players, CD players, or any other music source. Don’t get stuck with just 3 or 4 frequencies like other FM transmitters, the Air-Wave lets you choose any frequency between 98 and 108MHz by 0.1 MHz. The Air-Wave also features a backlit LCD display which shows details such as frequency, transmitter strength and stereo/mono.

FM Band Full Channels (98.0 - 108.0 MHz)
Channel Selection up (1 or 0.1 MHz)
Operating Range: 10-30 feet
Excellent sound quality
LCD backlit display
Dimensions: 2.5" H x .75" D x 2.5" L
Operates on one (1) AAA battery (included)
Instructions in 6 languages
Condition: New, retail

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My first first page?

Another Woot Cherry lost. My first woot off and my first first page…

…sniffle…it didn’t hurt as bad as they said it would…


got 2 last time, and gave them away. ended up getting a direct connection (ai-net) for my alpine radio instead


it’s going fast!


no thanks… If I’d gotten ipod, in a heartbeat.

edit: my spelling is terrible.


next plz


I got one of these last time but it doesn’t work very well with my iPod. Too much static.


Well dang… this one I got :slight_smile:
and my first “1st page” ever too… what a night
off to bed then!


does that mean they are no good?


crap… should have read responses before i bought one
oh well, a gift or something and a quicker woot off

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Stop taunting us and give us the damned speakers and BOCs! I see you Woot, with your pointing and laughing, and it must be stopped! Must be! SPPPPEEEEAAAAKKKKKEEEEEERRRRRSSSS.

Ahem, sorry, I’m really freaking tired.


Stainless Steel Pet Diner…PLEASE! :lol:


Must you guys put your spam posts on every single page. Here’s a tip, if you’re trying to get people to go to your stupid scam websites it’s not a good idea to piss off your target audience.




got ONE( 1 ) x $9.99 - Z-Cyber Air-Wave FM Transmitter $9.99
Shipping & Handling $5.00
Tax $0.00
Total: $14.99