Zak! Kitchen Stuff

I have a happy spoon, my only warning is not to put it in the dish washer, I did with mine. It has funny black spots were it seems to have gotten too hot and melted some? Either way I love my happy spoon. I smile every time I see it… and wash it… and stir with it. I love you happy spoon.

While not part of this sale, I bought one of their insulated ice cream storage containers recently, and, don’t be fooled by the whimsy - the quality is top-notch.

What material are the trays made of? I presume (a dangerous thing to do!) they are some sort of plastic. But I’d like to know details, like whether they are microwave and/or dishwater safe,

They be 100% melamine. Now stuff your cart with all the pretty things!

I have the happy-face spoon, as well. No issues in the dishwasher, but I put it on the top rack, so maybe that’s the trick.

I’m not going to lie, it does make me happier than my plain spoons.

I bought the wine glasses a few months back for 7.99 and now they are 25 bucks!! I would have loved another set for around the pool, but not at this price. Red Solo cup users Unite!

Woot, can you tell us where Zak! Products are manufactured? Info isn’t in the specs and I couldn’t find it on their webpage, either.

Just heard back from the vendor: Made in China.